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Someone Finally Took Amanda Bynes’ Keys Away from Her

A photo of Amanda Bynes

So what stopped the great and powerful Amanda Bynes from driving? It wasn’t the suspended license. It wasn’t the judge who told her “no, really, you have a suspended license, stop.” And of course it wasn’t the countless accidents she’s had on the road. So what actually worked?

Police pulled Amanda over and physically took her whole car away from her after they ran her license. Oh, and they gave her another misdemeanor, too! Hooray! There’s no word on why she was pulled over in the first place, but at this point, I think we can start to rest easy. It’s the dawn of a new era, friends. Amanda Bynes no longer has a vehicle.

In another, less uplifting bit of Amanda Bynes news, she would like you all to know that she’s not crazy and she never smoked weed in her car, it was tobacco, and you’re all so mean for even thinking those things. God.

But now that we’ve got the good news out of the way, how long do you think it will be before Amanda starts stealing cars?