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Guess What Amanda Bynes Did Last Night

A photo of Amanda Bynes

Stop me if you’ve heard it … Amanda Bynes was in a car accident last night. No, another one, I mean. Really.

She was driving around when someone rear-ended her for a change. But don’t for one second think that she wasn’t at fault, because the other driver is saying that Amanda pulled some dumbass move that caused the accident, which no one will have trouble believing. Police came – and Amanda actually hung around for that, by the way – but no one got a ticket. Because there are no tickets specifically for being a crazy dumbass.

I don’t think we’ve given a rundown of Amanda’s horrible driving for a while, so let’s just take a look back at the past few months, all right?

– On March 7th, Amanda got a ticket for talking on her phone while driving. She drove away while the cop was writing the ticket, just like any responsible adult would.

– Then on April 6th, she kicked it into high gear by hitting that police car and getting a DUI. Which, please remember, was totally bullshit and she wasn’t even drunk, god.

– On April 10th, she hit a car and drove away. The other driver got the license plate number, and when police ran the number, they saw that it belonged to a rental car. When they called the rental car company, they learned that the car had been rented by Amanda. The case was dismissed because there was no independent witness to identify her.

– On April 12th, she was photographed hitting a curb while driving and texting. She was headed toward the Chateau Marmont as well, so you know what she was up to. Booze.

– On April 15th, Amanda was seen doing “an incredibly slow 3-point turn” in the middle of a crowded street, holding up traffic and generally being an asshole. When she pulled into her destination, she didn’t even pay the valet.

– On May 5th, Amanda sideswiped a car while trying to pass it, then kept right on driving. When police stopped her, she said that she didn’t even feel her car hitting someone else’s car. She exchanged information with the driver and went on her merry way.

– After laying low for a while, Amanda rear-ended someone else on August 5th. This time, all the damage was done to Amanda’s car and not the other driver’s, so she insisted they didn’t need to exchange insurance information and drove off.

Girl. Give it up already. Use your Nickelodeon money to hire a driver. This shit has got to stop.

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