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Amanda Bynes Is Too Good for Traffic Tickets

A photo of Amanda Bynes

I had this friend once who was a horrible driver. Like, seriously, I have no idea how she got her license. She would speed constantly, talk on her phone constantly, and make me feel like I was going to die constantly. Once she rear-ended a car because her phone was ringing and she was too busy looking for it to watch the road, and once she got a ticket because she cut off a bunch of cars without using her turn signal when she made a quick decision that she wanted to get some ice cream. But in all the times that she dealt with police while I was with her, she was always polite, and she always had the mindset of “yeah, I screwed up, I totally deserve this punishment.” That didn’t help my whiplash or anything, but I thought it was nice.

Amanda Bynes though? Apparently she doesn’t have the same attitude as my friend had. Nope, she has the attitude of “whatevs, I’m Audi 5000.”

From TMZ:

Amanda Bynes made a HUGE mistake during a traffic stop in L.A. yesterday … she blew off the cop while he was writing the ticket and drove away from the scene … TMZ has learned.

Bynes was originally pulled over for talking on a cell phone while driving yesterday afternoon. The officer approached the car and collected all of Amanda’s information so he could write up the citation.

But Amanda didn’t feel like waiting around … and hit the gas before the cop could hand over the ticket for the actress to sign.

We’re told the cop decided NOT to pursue Bynes because he didn’t feel she was dangerous … and besides, he already had all of her information.

Later that day, Bynes rolled by the police station and signed the ticket … but we’re told she’s not off the hook for leaving the scene early.

Authorities are currently investigating the situation … and will decide if Bynes should face further charges for her untimely exit.

Calls to Amanda’s rep have not been returned.

So yeah, that’s ridiculous. I can’t imagine thinking that would be cool, just to drive away from a cop. I can even sort of understand it when it’s like a drug thing, like “oh no, I have meth in the trunk, I have to go stat,” because then there’s some sort of drug paranoia and there’s something that you actually have to run away from. By the way, I’m not saying that I think it’s all right to run away from police when you have meth in your trunk, I’m just saying it’s understandable. I’m also not saying that Amanda Bynes had meth in her trunk*.

Really, I just have an irrational fear that whenever I do anything wrong, I’m going to be arrested and taken to jail and then my whole life will be ruined forever**, so I don’t know if what Amanda did was all that insane or not. Was it? Would you ever do what she did?

*Did Amanda Bynes have meth in her trunk?

**For example, last night I spent about two hours crying hysterically because I’m a little late with my student loan payment, and I was convinced that it was going to ruin my credit and then ruin my whole entire life. My boyfriend had to rub my back and keep telling me “you’re not going to go to jail, you’re not going to go to jail,” and I didn’t calm down until he gave me some herbal supplement and a popsicle and put on Arrested Development. I have emotional problems sometimes.

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