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Amanda Bynes Is Losing Her Mind

A photo of Amanda Bynes

From TMZ:

Amanda Bynes has much bigger problems than smoking pot and driving illegally … there’s evidence she has serious mental issues.

TMZ has spoken with a number of people who have had repeated contact with Bynes over the last few months, and the stories are consistent and disturbing.

Several people from her gym — Equinox in West Hollywood – tell us, she has been showing increasingly alarming signs of delusional behavior.  One person says Amanda came to the gym Thursday looking dazed and began speaking with herself — making comments and then answering back.

Another person says when Amanda was on the elliptical, she would stop suddenly and start “laughing hysterically for no reason.”  She did this periodically throughout her workout.  This person says he’s seen her dozens of times in the last few months, and says it’s apparent her condition is “deteriorating.”

Several of Amanda’s neighbors echo the concern over Amanda’s condition.  One tells us he observed her on several occasions having long conversations with inanimate objects.  Another person says people in her condo complex are aware of her condition and her conduct but haven’t called her friends or relatives or authorities because they just don’t want to get involved, given her profile.

Some of the people in the building have been upset over the last few weeks, because they believe the media is painting Amanda as a garden variety pothead and they say her problems are much deeper.

Honestly, this isn’t that surprising. Amanda has been just a hot ass mess for the past few months, and not even in a fun way. We keep comparing her to Lindsay Lohan, but that’s not too accurate anymore. Lindsay’s deal is stealing things, destroying things, and saying ridiculous things, and while she’s definitely been a danger to others, it’s been spread out over several years. Amanda, meanwhile, has seriously endangered tons of people, tons of times, over one season. Like, People has a new photo, taken earlier this week, of Amanda driving with a scarf over her face. Completely covering her whole entire face. Driving. This girl is not well.

Basically, if any of you guys see her out and about, please just give her a hug. And while you have her arms around her, try to take her keys from her pocket. And also try to waddle her over to a hospital so she can get an evaluation.

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  • On a serious note. Isn’t there someone who can step in or something to check on this girl? I mean if it’s really that bad, someone close to her should really do something, before she hurts herself or others or both.

    • Apparently she’s not speaking to anyone who’s actually close to her. She’s hasn’t been speaking to her agent or her manager, and she doesn’t answer calls from friends and family, and whenever she does speak to someone, she gets crazy upset if they mention that maybe she should speak to a psychiatrist or something. Allegedly, you know.

      But yeah, you’d think that, at the very least, police should actually step in and do something. That’s the part I really don’t get.

  • You hope someone will now step in and help her. Her problems seem very different from Lindsay Lohan and I hope everyone will stop comparing the two, apples and oranges. She seems crazy and Lohan at this point just seems spoiled and feels entitled to everything that isn’t nailed down.

    • The sad and inexcusable truth is that not one judge or legal official will do one damn thing about these drunk driving sluts until someone gets killed. That’s what it’s going to take and all the suspended sentences and licenses and ankle bracelets, etc. won’t stop them, period. What would happen to Jane Doe, first DUI offence? Jail time in my state for starters. These whores are “celebrities”, so there’s another set of rules.

  • If this girl is mixing psychiatric medication with booze and crack she is going to kill someone,or herself, very soon. She obviously needs help if she is driving around pretending everything is okay instead of asking for help. Someone needs to talk with her family. She’s in crisis.

    • seriously its so obvious people are ignorant and blind to think its anything else she has all the same signs as britney peoplw really think she chose to cut out family and friends and all these accidnets cmon and seeing as how shes going downhill much faster than britney it just shows theyve gotten worse and worse within this year