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There Are People Out There Who Think Kate Gosselin is a Real Woman, I Die Inside a Little More

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The only thing “real” about this woman is that she’s a real pain in the ass, and that’s it and that’s all.

Also, is there *nothing* this woman won’t do in order to avoid having to go to work (actual work, that is) at getting a real job (and this time I actually mean real, and not “real”)?

This is Kate Gosselin, attending (and walking) a fashion show in New York City called “Real Fashion, Real Women,” which was done to benefit New York City’s Bottomless Closet project, an organization set to help “disadvantaged New York City women become self-sufficient through a comprehensive program that begins with business attire and interview preparation and continues with professional development, financial management and personal enrichment. Using the model of women helping women and our network of dedicated volunteers, Bottomless Closet enhances our clients’ self-esteem and self-confidence in order for them to enter and succeed in the workforce and improve the quality of their lives.” So it’s a good cause. And—here’s the total f-cking shocker—Kate walked in the show gratis. For free. As in, she didn’t receive a dime for her appearance.

So! The big question of the day—is Kate’s black heart finally changing for the better, or do you think she’s just so desperate to remain relevant in whatever way she can that she’s willing to work for free now?

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  • Ever since I learned that she spanked one of her kids, I just want for her to stop existing. I mean, literally. She should not exist.

  • Compared to drunk Dina “I’ll sell my children out for a dime” Lohan, she’s Mother of the Year. Gosselin may seem cold and hard to many people but I do see love for her children coming from her.

  • So you think flat out ignoring the kids, smacking them around, screaming at them, abandoning them makes Kate a better mother than Dina?? Hardly.

    To answer your question, of course she’s NOT changing for the better. She’s trying to get good publicity for her insane dating reality show she’s desperate to have. You need to understand-Kate does NOTHING for anyone except for herself.

    When she was pregnant she and Jon literally whined and begged for handouts from our town and the folks of Reading, PA gave and gave and gave to her. Clothing, diapers, free babysitting, money, etc. She’s now a multi millionaire and what has she given back to the community that gave her SO much? NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. She won’t even donate outgrown clothing, she SELLS it at a consignment shop. What a wonderful person.

    Her latest stunt is to hint and beg for freebies from companies on Twitter. A few weeks ago she whined about the cost of school supplies so for the 2nd year in a row, one of her insane fans got supplies for all 8 kids.

    She may not have received an actual check for walking the runway…but it sure would be interesting to hear if she and Stevie the UNnecessary bodyguard stayed in a 4 star hotel, arrived/departed by limo, courtesy of the charity she was ‘helping’.

    What other ‘celebrities’ participated in this?

    I was amused to hear that this was a charity about ‘real women’…there’s nothing real about her…from her fake hair extensions to her fake teeth, fake breasts and liposuction, there is NOTHING real about her at all.

    • Yes, I still think she’s a better “mommy” than Dina Lohan and that doesn’t take much. I get it that you hate Kate Gosselin.

  • I’d say she is using whatever fame she has left and using it for a good cause here. I think people need to give this woman a break – we’ve all acted in ways that are embarrassing and shameful.

  • She is a horrible mother. A mother that pimped out her kids to live a lavish lifestyle. She never had any joy in mothering those children. The proof is out their…watch the videos. Example would be when she denied Maddy a sip of water then drank some herself. I don’t hate her….people that use that word have a hateful mindset. Why would anyone have to give her a break? Do we owe her anything? She is a public person, wants her private life out there so we the public have a right to comment. Don’t like the heat…stay out of the kitchen.