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Taylor Swift Is Shopping for Wedding Dresses, Wants to Get Pregnant

A photo of Taylor Swift

From the National Enquirer via Celebitchy:

Taylor Swift is storming her way into Camelot, already making plans to marry 18-year-old Conor Kennedy and have his child as quickly as possible. Swift is obsessed with becoming the next Jackie Kennedy, say sources. And while she’s close to Ethel Kennedy, other members of the powerful dynasty are ready to go to war with Swift to keep her out of the family.

“It’s World War III. Many of the Kennedys loathe Taylor and don’t want anything to do with her,” said a Kennedy family insider. “They think she’s using her fame as a singer to worm her way into the fold… Taylor badly wants to marry Conor and have a Kennedy baby. She sees herself as the next Jackie O and aims to become as famous as she was, a style icon on a world stage.”

Conor and Taylor are now discussing a walk down the aisle next spring.

“Taylor’s already looking for the perfect wedding dress… she wants a vintage ‘60s gown. Conor is besotted with Taylor and insists the relationship is for real.”

Meanwhile, Conor’s dad Robert Junior has been caught up in his own red-hot affair with Cheryl Hines – and there is “nobody to sit Conor down and tell him he’s too young and should take it easy.”

“But it’s not wonder he’s so smitten – just think, here’s a boy who lost his mom in the most tragic circumstances, his dad’s busy romancing a Hollywood star and Taylor is not the main female in his life.”

“Taylor is banking on Ethel’s approval for a marriage, and then she’ll have Conor’s baby. She can’t wait to cradle that baby – it would be her passport into Kennedy history,” declared the insider. And Conor? “He thinks they’ll split their time between Massachusetts and Nashville and that they’ll live happily ever after. But he hasn’t even started college yet!”

This would be one of the rare Enquirer stories that I totally believe. Maybe the Kennedys will be able to keep Taylor out of the family, maybe one of Taylor’s people will talk some sense into her, but I can definitely see her thinking this way, and I can, without a shadow of a doubt, see her trying on wedding dresses at this very moment. She’s just the kind of girl who dates an 18-year-old high school senior for a month and a half and then starts planning the wedding, you know?

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  • Ok, I’ll be the guy: Did she get implants? I don’t remember her breasts every being that large or maybe it’s just the horizontal stripes…I don’t know.

    That being said, I remember an article that I ‘think’ was posted here about how someone would prefer that their daughters be like ‘Lady Gaga’ instead of ‘Taylor Swift’ because Taylor was all about boys and everything she did revolved around them and Gaga was more like ‘My boyfriend is MY bitch!’. I kind of see your point now.

    • I will just point out a the right padded bra does wonders, more than you would imagine. I have friends who look like porn stars with the right padded bra, and without it they are flat as a table. I’m not saying she didn’t get implants, but a good bra can have that effect. However, you’re not the first one to point it out, so you may be on to something. :)

  • Taylor must have had implants, however, she had them made small. They are small enough that you would wonder if she really did. She could have had them made bigger with her height, but this way you will always be wondering. They are implants I am pretty sure. Looks much better than flat chested. She will have the same problem as Vicky Kennedy with Ted in some ways. They will never accept her and she will always have a hard time collecting on any insurance if her husband passes away. The family will fight her for every dime even if she doesn’t need it. She shouldn’t have pushed so hard but she sees what she wants and I don’t blame her. Go for it, Taylor. You may not get it, but it will be fun trying.

    • I don’t believe Taylor will actually end up marrying him anyway. Its just a fling that won’t last long..she has a long history of boyfriend flings that ended. It may be one of her many dream flings that goes sour like all others..wait and see…she’ll be seen later with a celeb date in L.A. she meets backstage, shortly..Thats her M.O. she never stays long with anybody..they’ll call her and say they don’t want long distance relationships or they can’t tolerate her many friends or her overseas adventures on tour. You’ll see, that family probably will protest and the boy will see she is on the road too much after her “career dream” more than she’ll be with him. Its another song for Taylor thats all. She done promised she will always write songs about guys she dates. She will never give it up. Look, she done promotes her new album “RED” in Nashville and other locations without Kennedy there. She ‘s all hyped about it and wants to start a tour soon another “Global tour” and she was dancing Black Rapper style to it with teen girls. She don’t talk WHITE or dance WHITE RACE..Seems like her influence is more NEGRO…SHE IS ALWAYS WITH BLACKS..PROBABLY CRACK COCAINE USE TOO(LOST TOO MUCH WEIGHT) I DON’T BELIEVE KENNEDY IS HER DRUG SUPPLIER. SHE IS PIMPED OUT BY BLACKIES OF BAD ENTERTAINMENT. ALL HER FAVORITES ARE WIZ,USHER,CHRIS BROWN,NELLY,B.O.B,LIL WAYNE, AND OTHER BLACK DRUG NEGROS OF STREET TRASH JUNGLE RAP. SHE HAS TURNED AGINST NASHVILLE COUNTRY MUSIC..SHE IS NO INNOCENT OR VIRGIN ANYWAYS. SHE RODE DOWN ON (JOHN MAYER) IN PUBLIC IN FRONT OF OTHERS AND BEGGED HIM TO “SCREW HER AT A PARTY” THEN WHEN JOHN DICKED HER SHE WROTE BAD PUBLICITY ON HIM. SHE WAS IN HIS LAP FRENCHING HIM AND GRINDING HIS GROIN (WITNESS REPORTS).

  • THIS IS SUCH BULLSHIT, Honestly the fat ass chick who wrote this needs to get a life and stop obsessing over Taylor. Did you even go to college? This is such bullshit. She is far from even thinking about marriage. The kid isn’t even out of high school the relationship isn’t even that serious. I know for a fact this is major bs. Most articles on her are Bs. I’ll be so happy if she’d address this bullshit on her twitter. As for the author. Get a life you fat fuck. Go to college and get a real job.

    • Thats why Taylor is on Jihad announcing she’ll give blowjobs to everyone on that website, after she first said she’ll sue them. She has loose marbles in her head for sure. She is a dumb Bi-polar mind changing idiot. She needs mentally admitted by reading her posts and mind changes on people she threatened then turns around wants them sexually. I believe she does heavy drugs with other “pop divas”…she is so slutty stupid.

  • In my opinion, its screwed up..The Kennedy’s are a bunch of old worn out washed up scandalous politicians from the 1960,1970’s. They all got shot to death by assassination or airplane crashes. They raped girls and killed girls. Two Kennedy members are in prison for murder and rape of young women.They claim Robert Kennedy killed Marilyn Monroe(visited her 1/2 hour before she was found dead) She had affairs with JFK and Robert Kennedy. They wanted her squashed from talk.The Kennedy family is not powerful no more; nor do they have wealth any longer as they once had.

    • Steve, you’re misinformed about the Kennedy’s. Politicians from the 60’s and 70’s? How about Ted Kennedy being a prominent and excellent senator until he died 2 years ago? And the 4th District of Massachusetts is about to elect Joe Kennedy III, Bobby Kennedy’s grandson, to the House of Representatives in November…and we’re absolutely delighted to do so. Regardless of your thoughts about the Kennedy’s in KY, the Kennedy’s are alive, well, relevant, very much politically active, and well respected and appreciated here in Massachusetts.

      Thought you could use a 21st century reality check. Welcome to Massachusetts politics, Steve.

      • Excellent Senator? Tell that the family of the woman who he let drown. Or how he led the charge against the wind farm when it would have been on his preferred yachting grounds. How about Joe Kennedy, the oldest son of RFK, being buddies with Hugo Chavez? Or the fact that the Kennedy dynasty was funded by bootlegging…. The Kennedy history is sordid and ugly, funnybhow people overlook that.


  • She didn’t have implants. I know that for a fact. She has already broken up with him but there are plenty of songs on her new album about him. I don’t think she should make plans with a guy 4 years younger than her to get married. She didn’t want to have the child just to get into the family. She just wants to have a child because she is 22. I don’t really think she will turn out to be a slut at all, nor do drugs. How exactly do they know that she wants to have a child? That’s what I want to know. She hasn’t said anything about that.