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Quotables: Emma Stone’s First Heartbreak Like “Being Killed”

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“I was crawling on the floor. I remember throwing up, like, within the hour. I remember being on the floor…I have never felt anything quite like that. It was so visceral. It’s like someone has killed you and you have to live through it and watch it happen…It was awful.”

Emma Stone, interviewing with Cameron Crowe for Interview magazine, where she talked about her first heartbreak—at the tender age of fourteen. Ahem. I said fourteen.

See, I had this kind of breakup once. But it wasn’t at fourteen—I was twenty, going on twenty-one, and I had dated the guy for almost three years. When I was fourteen, I was too busy building forts in the woods and riding my bike all over the city to care all that deeply about someone that I’d actually be vomiting from upset when things ended, as they inevitably do at the age of fourteen.

Maybe this is why youth are in the state they’re in these days. You know, the abundance of teenage suicides and bullying and Teen Mom-like antics, because kids are just trying to grow up way faster than they have in the past. Although Emma and I are only six years apart, it seems like we had very, very different experiences at fourteen years old.

I mean, honestly. Whatever happened to all-night Nintendo marathons at fourteen?

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  • Word. I am from the opposite coast and am I day older than you, but we would have been good friends. So glad I got to have a childhood.

  • poor girl, personally I didn’t have a serious bf til I was 19!! (And I’m the same age as Emma), that said, I was pretty boy shy until I hit 17.

  • I’m 31 and I’m still extremely shy when it comes to women. I’ve played on stage in from of thousands with my band and I NEVER get nervous, what gives?

  • I am shy and was in a band too. The reason you don’t get nervous on stage is that you can kind of skim over the masses and avoid direct eye contact if you want to, treat the crowd more as some kind of amorphous entity than a living breathing feedback experience. Paradoxically enough, relating in a general way to thousands is easier than a truly intimate experience with one person.

    I finally discovered that being on stage was definitely not for me. I’m much more comfortable being in front of a computer, relating to people as a writer than as a rock star.

    I was 14 in 1971, right when the party started, so I grew up WAY too fast, so I had to tackle the predictable addictions (and the issues I smothered with addiction at the time) when I was older. And not to make this a pity party, but straight sex still feels extremely weird to me.

    I am glad that my daughters have much more of a sense of how sweet and relatively safe “dating” can be. Actually getting to know someone before you decide you want to take your clothes off. Not ending up in a quasi-relationship with someone totally unsuitable because you were too wasted to see that you actually had nothing in common with the other poor wasted soul you drank and snorted cocaine all night with!

  • Oh fuck you ES. Hyperbolic self-absorbed bullshit artist. Over fucking rated. Ugh. I’ll be patient. I mean Jersey Shore only took 6 fucking seasons, I can wait for this bum to disappear