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… And This is What Pink Was Doing at 14 (Hint: It Was Drugs)

photo of pink drug overdose pictures
We just talked about Emma Stone’s big life-changing event at the age of fourteen, and now we’re moving on to what Pink was doing between the ages of twelve and fourteen, too. From a recent interview, Pink talking about how she overdosed at fourteen, which stopped her drug use altogether:

“I understand addiction. I was a hardcore partier from 12 to 15. [I was] on all the club drugs [and] selling Ecstasy and crystal meth and Special K. I overdosed in ’95, and then I never took drugs again, ever.”

Man. I just cannot even wrap my head around this. Yeah, I knew of people around that age that were into drugs and what not, but back then, it was like it wasn’t even real. It was the stuff of movies, and of Johnny Depp “This is your brain on drugs” commercials. Granted, you could ask all of my childhood friends, most of which I’m still pretty close with—growing up in my family was like growing up with the Brady Bunch, no lie. And for that, I consider myself terribly, terribly lucky and blessed, because there could have been horrible, awful things that I could have endured (like what Emma Stone went through, or, much, much worse, what Pink went through), but I didn’t. And maybe that’s why I still kind of can’t even fathom things like this happening. Maybe I had my rose-colored glasses on ’til I hit eighteen, and anything prior to that was just a veritable garden of good-natured wholesomeness.

So, so glad that Pink was able to turn her life around and make a successful go at living, because there’s so many sad cases in which that just doesn’t happen.

Good on you, girl.