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Quotables: Another Celebrity Outs John Travolta

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“There needs to be, like, a professional athlete that comes out. And a movie star! It’s time…Like John Travolta? Come out! Come on. How many masseurs have to come forward? Let’s do this.”

First of all, it’s none of Rashida’s business when it comes to John Travolta making the decision to come out or not. Do I think he’s gay? Well, yes. Does Rashida? Apparently. Does the rest of the world? More than likely. However, I don’t know where there’s anything written down in the Gay Creed about “coming out” being an integral part of the homosexual experience. You know, some people are very private about who they date, what kind of person they like, how their relationships turn out … why should gay people be any different? Why is it mandatory that people “come out” if they don’t choose to? If I had a particular type, say, 6′ tall, dark hair, stubble-faced, and blue eyes, do I need to go around wearing a signboard that says so? Should I go ’round making public statements to the tune of, “Yes, my type, ladies and gentlemen, is tall, dark, and handsome?” No, because that would just be stupid. People would be all like, “Oh, OK, wow. That’s news right there, now, isn’t it?” Dumb.

I think Rashida should *probably* shut her silly mouth, and remember that when Carrie Fisher “outed” John Travolta, she wasn’t looked upon too kindly, either.

I’m not a Travolta-lover by any means, because if the masseur-assaulting has any bit of truth to it, that’s just messed up, but I don’t think—at all—that someone should be forced or coaxed to come out if they don’t feel the innate need. Come on.

Go back to ironically dating Jake Gyllenhaal or whatever, Rashida, because unless you actually start doing something interesting, we’re probably not going to talk about you again for some time, OK, girl? Will that be alright with you?

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  • oh please, it’s not like she actually outed anyone. She was using him as an example. Like you so politely pointed out John Travolta being seen as gay is old news, it’s nothing new. So how exactly is she outing him? She’s not. She is pointint out that the entertainment industry could use some people standing up and showing who they really are. This country is full of hatefull idiots who still think gay people are inferior to straight people. THIS is the point she is making here. Your snarky and catting write up really shows a lot about your ignorance.

    • “How many masseurs need to come forward?” Case in point.

      Rashida’s an asshole, and it’s none of her business whether John Travolta needs to come out or not. If he’s gay, he’s gay. He doesn’t need to make a big spectacle of it in order to be a real person (or a real gay person), and THIS is the point that *I’m* making here.

  • You know what would be refreshing? A little less over the top cunty mean girl and a little more humor.

  • this is so fucking stupid. she did not out him; i think he did that to himself by getting all handsy with a zillion dudes. she is a cool girl, she is absolutely relevant, and john travolta needs to go away. if you read (an believe) what the suits against him say, they paint a pretty clear picture of travolta being predatory and creepy. so, shut the fuck up with the rashida hate.

  • Look at the childish schoolchildren revving each other up to attack the bloggers. Zombie sheep.

  • John Travolta won a lawsuit for defamation of character. He has spoken publicly about the allegations stating that it is a lie. Insisting that it is the truth, will not make it happen, give up!