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Macaulay Culkin’s Father Says Macaulay Culkin is on Drugs, Too, So There’s That

photo of macaulay culkin pictures drugs pic
… But then if you knew some of the things that allegedly happened with Kit Culkin (Macaulay‘s father) and his family, you might scream “Michael Lohan!” and stop reading this post altogether, because Kit is, like, the original Michael Lohan.

According to sources, Kit has made a statement to the public along the lines of … well, this:

“I hope that he has the right people looking after him.”

Kit and his wife later claimed to be worried that Macaulay was going to die soon. Both feel that Macaulay is “… dying of some disease or heavily into drugs,” and Macaulays’ mother, Patricia, claims that Kit is too distraught to even talk about it:

“Oh, gosh. Kit has seen the photo[s]. But he can’t talk about it. He just can’t, because it hurts him too much. Of course he’s worried, he’s incredibly concerned. When I saw the photos I thought, ‘Oh no, this is not good. Either he’s dying of some disease or he’s heavily into drugs’.”

Me, though? I’m going to let you draw your own conclusions, because here’s a few recent photos that TMZ snapped of M in New York City, and he’s looking … well, he shaved that weird, emaciating beard that he had, and he’s looking kind of hot, actually:

photo of macaulay culkin pictures

photo of macaulay culkin pictures
Am I right?

I guess all I can say to Kit and wife would be “Shut up, Lohans.”

Exclusive NYC Images courtesy of TMZ

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  • Everybody has some one like this in their immediate or distant family, if not that then their friends family………”I can see the head shakes when that certain character comes around” Everybody knows their issue but them. So sad and I am shaking my damn head right now because you and I know Evil beet what the real deal is. Sad to say but get a plot and a coffen ready he will be heading there soon.

  • Haha wow, “shut up, Lohans?”.. pretty sure they can be worried about their son who looks like he is on the verge of dying and make a public statement insinuating that they don’t support his lifestyle or that they too are unaware of his issues. This family stays relatively quiet on his life so whatever issues they may have had in the past concerning his career is their business.. it’s old news anyway. This isn’t “hot” and he is not “well”.. He just happened to have a few decents shots of him taken at that moment. Sit him down and take the shades off and I’m sure he looks pale, thin and shaky bc that crap does not just go away. Two pictures from far away where he just happens to not look. Goddamned wreck doesn’t mean he’s well, LOL. One thig about addiction is that people are up and then they are down. They look sick and then they look normal, depending on of they dosed that day or not..

  • far as i can see, 1 he looks older than he really does , 2 he does look like hes on somethig in the pictures, and if he is maybe some1 needs to confront him , ask , n talk to him to whats really going on. we never know when someones going through .

  • How can anyone stand by to wait and read this persons obit? This person needs a real wake up call and someone needs to HELP. Just becuz he is sucess in a few movies he is still a human being and has problems as the same as any person even if we are not in Hollywood. Help b-for he is a statistic. He is headed to an early grave why won’t someone help before it is to late and we will have to say we knew it would turn out this way?This is what happens when you have fame&glory but you are not any better than us commoners who don’t live Hollywood fame. Stop this persons b-fore he commits suicide.