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UPDATED: Shooter Kills 12 in Colorado Movie Theater, Injures 38

I know this isn’t the type of news we cover normally, but how can you not pay attention to this kind of story?

Earlier this morning, at the midnight showing of ‘Dark Knight Rises’, suspect James Holmes, twenty-four years old, appeared at the front of the movie theater armed with a rifle, handgun, shotgun, and assorted smoke-type bombs, broke into the theater where ‘Dark Knight’ was playing, and proceeded to shoot people at random. Holmes is said to be a local resident to Aurora, Colorado. No motive has been released, if there was any motive aside from F-CKING CRAZY. The suspect’s mother (who lives in San Diego) was contacted, and according to ABC News, Holmes’ mother said:

“You have the right person,” she said, apparently speaking on gut instinct. “I need to call the police… I need to fly out to Colorado.”

Witnesses say that twenty or thirty rounds were fired off within the first minute or so, and the youngest of the victims was three months old. Another little girl was taken from the theater with a back wound. Sources said she was not moving. I could f-cking just die. This is horrible, horrible, horrible news and it makes me positively sick to my stomach that people can’t even go to the damn movie theater without having to fear for their lives or wonder if they—or their loved ones—are going to make it home later that evening. It’s heartbreaking. There’s no other word for it.

Please say some prayers for the victims and their families of this f-cking senseless tragedy, because this is a pretty bad one, guys.

UPDATE: Here’s the first photo of the shooter, James Holmes. May somebody blast this f-cker in the face with a mallet—or worse.

photo of colorado shooter james holmes pictures

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  • at least 14 dead and some 50 injured according to the latest.
    this is so sad and incredibly senseless. :(

  • I live in Littleton, CO and have since I was a child. This whole situation is so sad, senseless and needlessly tragic. I hate that two horrifically violent acts are associated with my home. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims and families of the victims. It’s a sad day in CO.

  • Do you not think that this is the act of someone who wants to go out in a blaze of infamous glory?

    Maybe they should cover the crime but pay minimal attention to the culprit. Not give them what they want.

  • I am not trying to be rude or unaffectionate for people involved in this and their families. I used to live in Aurora until I moved to Castle Rock. It is terrible what happened, and I feel horrible. However, posts like this are the reason I stopped reading Evilbeetgossip. I used to come on here every day, now maybe once every two weeks. This is not a news site, it is a celebrity gossip site! When I come on here I don’t want to read about the depressing news that is happening, I want to read funny and ridiculous stories about celebrities and maybe get a laugh in the day. I’m just saying, this website is NOTHING like it used to be when Wendy and etc. were writing.

    • I get what you’re saying—kind of. Kind of. But a) this is the largest, most horrific mass shooting in US history, and not just some news story, and b) try to find many sites, no matter what their niche, that aren’t covering the shit out of it. And c? If we want to throw a ‘c’ in there, this would be it—c) for the most part, Evil Beet’s readership consists of intelligent people who are not only interested in celebrity gossip, but are interested in current events. And this is, most assuredly, a current event.

      Sorry to disappoint.

      • Wow, so defensive. I laugh at your point C btw. For ‘intelligent’ news, one would frequent a proper reputable news site, not here. Imagine Target trying to sell a new brand line of products, things which cost thousands. If you know anything about marketing, you’ll know it’s not going to work. Same with this site. Keep the product/news categories similar. Do what you specialise in and stick to it.

    • If you don’t want to read it, then skip over it. I appreciated this article appearing on the site. This is how I found out about this tragedy.

  • Who the fuck takes a three month old to a midnight viewing of a movie that’s going to be pretty much non-stop explosions in surround-sound the whole time? That poor infant died in part because its parents were fucking morons.

    • whoa. those parents had nothing to do with a mass murdered coming in and shooting up a MOVIE THEATER. three months is a pretty long time to stay at home with a baby. and some children can sleep through anything. i am sure if it had woken up crying the parents would have taken it home. if you can put some of the blame on these poor parents then go ahead and put blame on ALL of the victims of this tragedy. midnight is, after all, the time most killers would choose to gun down innocents, right? way to go way off base and hurl blame at the true victims. i hope your parenting choices (while completely unrelated to some strangers actions) never “result” in the DEATH of your baby. christ.