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Jimmy Kimmel Gives Snooki the Trashiest Baby Present Ever

photo of jimmy kimmel pictures snooki
I know, I know; it’s a joke and Fisher-Price doesn’t really make GTL sets for babies (I don’t think). But still. I’d almost feel bad for Snooki (I mean, come on—look at her face in these pictures. Mildly amused is putting it nicely) if it weren’t for the fact that she’s a complete moron who dug her own publicity grave. I mean, what. People are supposed to take Snooki all serious now because she’s pregnant? We’re supposed to forget that, prior to getting knocked up, she was a fight-provoking, shot-taking, I’ll-f-ck-anyone-if-I’ve-had-enough-to-drink skankbot? But now that she’s pregnant, so we have to pretend that she’s going to be an entirely different person after that baby’s born? Well, for the sake of that poor child, I hope so. I hope that Snooki‘s general distaste for this faux-GTL playset is genuine, and that she really looks back on the mistakes of her past with something both quite like disdain and education, because wow. If not? That poor baby’s in for a hell of a time. Honestly, just look at this picture:

photo of snooki ultrasound jimmy kimmel pictures
Also in Snooki news, she’s chosen J Woww to be the godmother of her son, Lorenzo. Isn’t that great? And her pregnancy hormones are making her have all sorts of crazy violent dreams. About her baby dreams, Snooki says:

“I had a dream that [my son] came out and he was a gorgeous little baby, then he turned 2, and he turned into a Chucky doll and he was trying to kill me. I was like, throwing him off the bed and he was like, ‘Mommy, why did you throw me off the bed [and] try to kill me?’ I don’t know why I dreamt that!”

I don’t know. I had a whole ton of sex dreams when I was pregnant, most of them at least a little inappropriate. But leave it to Snooki to have crazy, mother-killing dreams about Chucky dolls named Lorenzo. This doesn’t surprise me at all, you know.