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7 Questions With Annette Bening’s Trans Son, Stephen Ira Beatty

First, can I say that Stephen, who was born Kathlyn, looks nowhere near twenty years old? No, this young man looks more like twelve than twenty. Somebody’s going to age well, apparently. Someone *also* needs to lay off the caffeine, because HOLY COW. I think I finally found someone who speaks faster than I do. No joke. I talk fast, guys, but not nearly as fast as Stephen Ira here.

Bottom line, it’s got to be completely awesome to be Stephen, because he’s pretty damn awesome. Also, his mother is Annette Bening (and yeah, his father’s Warren Beatty, but being the son of Annette Bening is mad better than being the son of Warren Beatty). Here’s the questions part of the transcript if you thought Stephen’s speech was too fast to catch, minus all of the good tangents and, of course, Stephen’s answers. Go ahead and feel free to answer the questions in the comments. You know. Because that kind of stuff is fun.

1) What’s your name? Chosen or otherwise. Now, beyond your name, I personally don’t really care how you identify. I’m not entirely comfortable with defining myself in the terms we’re given, and I kind of enjoying watching my mind struggle to gender someone. It’s an automatic habit, and not one I care to assist. However, if it’s important to you to be know as a trans man or woman, cross-dresser, queer, androgynous, non-binary, or whatever, or if you want people to use certain pronouns when referring to you in comments or discussion, go ahead and lay those on us. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

2) Who has been most supportive of your transition? If you haven’t started transition, who’s been most supportive of your gender expression, questioning or explorations?

3) What do most enjoy about your life since beginning transition? That is, what are some of the things you love doing now, that you couldn’t do before? And if you’re not there yet, what about the possibility of transition excites you the most? What do you look forward to?

4) Who are your trans role models? or Who have you looked up to in the trans community? Who inspires you? Whether it’s someone you know, or someone you’ve admired from afar, this is your chance to give a shout out.

5) What change(s) would you most like to see in the world? This can be trans related, or not, but we’d love to know where your passion lies.

6) What are you doing to make those changes happen? That’s right all, no getting off the hook! We’re all in this big ol’ mess together, and we each need to do our part. Share with us how you’re the change you want to see.

And finally, magical number 7, tell us something, anything, special and unique about you, your interests, your story. Never forget, gender is just one part of the larger project of becoming a fully authentic human being.


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  • awesome! love him, love his enthusiasm, NO REGRETS. just another reason to praise his mama – seriously wonderful actress & now we know she’s an award winning mother.

  • Unless its some fun of the worst kind or she was high, this girl is seriously fucked up in the head… Such a pity…

    • oh please. he’s young & allowed to be spazzy. i see happy all over that kid’s face – hollyweird parents should be so lucky.

  • I love this! He’s totally endearing. I’m excited that he’s embracing his identity, and apparently has some dear and supportive friends for support.

  • i go to school with him, and i wish all of you knew how much of a complete asshole he really is.