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Sage Stallone: The Complete Report (?)

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So it would appear that all of the information regarding the “crime” scene and the circumstances surrounding Sage Stallone’s death has come in, and sources have confirmed that Sage’s autopsy was completed this afternoon. As in done. Over with. And there is a lot—A LOT—of mismatched stories floating around out there (i.e., Sage was on drugs/he wasn’t on drugs, it was suicide/it was accidental, he was a hermit who lived in deplorable conditions and who had a raging alcohol problem/he was a genteel soul that drank soda and played video games and didn’t touch liquor, he was dead for a week before anyone found him/he was dead for a day before anyone found him). Here are the facts. Sort of:

—Sage died of an overdose of pills, and whether it was intentional or accidental remains to be seen
—Though initial reports claim that Sage was discovered by family, it was determined that his maid found his body after performing a welfare check when no one in Sage’s circle of friends had heard from him in over a day
—Stallone’s lawyer claims that this happened out of nowhere, and that Sage was more of a candy-cigarette-and-soda freak than a pill-and-beer kind of guy, who was happy, engaged, and in the process of planning a wedding
—Sage’s lawyer has also pretty much stated the opposite of everything that law enforcement officials had to say so far … which is odd, to say the least

At this point, law enforcement is, according to TMZ, painting an entirely different picture. According to police, via TMZ:

—Cops on the scene reported that Sage was “definitely” dead for at least three days, if not as many as seven
—One of Sage’s former publishing colleagues claim that Sage was out of it and in a fog for the last few months, acting drugged, out of character, and as he put it, decidedly “on something
—Law enforcement claims that there were “huge” pill bottles at the scene, as well as multiple empty beer cans
—Law enforcement also says that neighbors of Sage were said to be “shocked, but not surprised”

OK, so, first: there’s a big, big difference in being dead for a day and being dead for three. And there’s an EVEN BIGGER difference in being dead for a day and dead for a week. I shudder to even consider it. It’s just too horrid. Second, and on a different note, why would this publisher dude come forward just to tarnish Sage’s name if he *wasn’t* telling the truth? What would lying about Sage’s alleged disposition gain? Last, why is Sage’s lawyer contradicting pretty much everything the police are saying? I know that we, as the general public, can’t verify which side is telling the truth, but does Stallone’s lawyer really think that law enforcement would be lying to the public in whatever they claimed the circumstances of Sage’s death to be?

Aside from being shamed that I inappropriately mocked Sage’s father’s appearance and because I didn’t initially pay Sage his due diligence on the site, I’m completely f-cking baffled by this entire thing. And you want to hear one of the more horrible parts of the story? Rumor has it that Sage was supposed to marry his long-term girlfriend this weekend in Las Vegas. No one but Sage’s lawyer has come forward to corroborate this story, but hey. Everything else is way up in the air, so why not this, too?

What a mess.

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  • I hesitate to believe that he had been dead for up to 7 days. Not only does he have a long-term girlfriend, but he was about to get married? So soon? I don’t believe for an instant that this woman would have let any number of days pass by without going to check on him, or sending someone to do so.

    How incredibly sad. I really hope nothing fishy’s going on… though it’s really, really sad either way.

    • My grandfather died in his sleep—on his face—and he was only there before being discovered for about nine hours … it was a nightmare. I can’t imagine (either) how no one checked on him in that many days.

  • Woa. It all sounds so strange and eerie. :/ I hope it’s not actually as screwed up as it sounds!

  • what to say but nothing at all the pain is so great when any child falls parrents in grief eyes blured with tears everybody pull one wild flower and shed a tear…

  • Very Sad news regardless of what happened. We have lost a good soul. From reading on the internet, I found him to be a very good person, and caring sensitive soul. It’s very sad that he is no longer with us. I hope he is at peace now. Sage you wil be missed.