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Julia Roberts is Still a Pretty Woman

photo of julia roberts on the beach pictures
You know who I thought was seriously the prettiest lady I’d ever seen when I was a young kid? Julia Roberts. That’s right. I saw ‘Pretty Woman’ at a pretty young age, and though I didn’t really understand the premise of “streetwalker” or “prostitute” or “paid for sex” (whatever “sex” was at that young age), I knew that the story was magical and real and I loved loved loved Julia Roberts from then on out. I loved her as Shelby in ‘Steel Magnolias’, I loved her as Daisy in ‘Mystic Pizza’, Tinkerbell in ‘Hook’, Grace in ‘Something to Talk About’ (a poignant movie if I ever saw one), and of course, Kiki in ‘America’s Sweethearts’, and she’s pretty much been a love in my life as far as actresses go.

Yeah, you know, she had her un-nice points, though, too—she practically stood Kiefer Sutherland up at the altar (someone else that I love immensely), and she practically ruined ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ with her contrived take on the role of Liz Gilbert, but she’s always remained a favorite of mine.

Julia was captured playing on the beach with her daughter, Hazel, who is seven and adorable, while vacationing in Hawaii.

What was your favorite Julia Roberts movie? Does anyone here even like Julia Roberts? I personally know a lot of people (namely my husband and my dearly departed grandmother) who think that she’s just a pain in the ass piece of crap with an abomination of a mouth, but hey. Different strokes for different folks, am I right?

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  • She was good in Closer – generally I don’t like her, though. I don’t get the appeal, and her mouth is positively terrifying when she laughs. I don’t think she’s a very good actor. I read somewhere she slept her way to the top, so that would explain that.

  • I love Julia – always have and always will. Can’t think of a movie I’ve seen her in that I didn’t like – I think my two favs are Erin Brockovich and Closer…Also really really liked Closer.

    Cheers for the great post!

  • Yes she is i think someone said something to the effect that she may be the last of the HOLLYWOOD SCREEN LEGENDS, modern day of course!! I HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL BUT SHE HAS WHAT THEY CALL THE ‘it factor’!!! Which i think like you that PRETTY WOMAN started that appeal and the momentum has kept on going!! I THINK SHE LOOKS HER BEST WITH DARK CURLY LONG HAIR!!! Total stunner even at 44!!!!