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Do You Want to Feel Sorry for Tom Cruise?

A photo of Tom Cruise

No? Well, tough luck, because here it comes:

Currently seen as a major recruiter and promoter for Scientology, Tom Cruise’s indoctrination into the controversial religion was far from chance, and RadarOnline.comhas exclusive details on how the Hollywood actor was lured in at the peak of his fame.

The Mission Impossible star was initially introduced to Scientology in 1990 by first wife,Mimi Rogers, whose father Phil Spickler was one of the most powerful members during the early L. Ron Hubbard era.

Seven years younger than his actress wife, Cruise fell under the spell of the religion and claimed the study technology helped him get over his severe dyslexia and reading difficulties.

“I knew some of the people who kid-gloved him into becoming a member,” Nancy Many, who worked with celebrities at the Scientology’s Sea Organization, told Radar in an exclusive interview.

“Everything was orchestrated and orientated,” explained the former Scientology spy. “Tom has a problem reading so they don’t have him doing the course on his own and paired him up one-on-one.

In 1989 when the action star was filming the Vietnam saga Born On The Fourth of July, his pairing up with a veteran from the war was far from a coincidence.

“He was matched with a wonderful, wonderful man who was a hero in Vietnam and was part of a group in the Tet Offensive held down by the Viet Cong. It was done on purpose, the manipulation is often unseen or unnoticed by the person being manipulated,” Many told Radar.

While Cruise bonded deeply with new leader, David Miscavige, who took over the church after Hubbard’s death, Many revealed that Scientology head Miscavige was not always honest with his number one recruit.

“Marty Rathbun has revealed that Cruise’s auditing sessions were recorded and listened to by Miscavige, and laughed at by him,” she said.

Having divorced Rogers after just three years of marriage, Tom quickly moved on to Days of Thunder costar Nicole Kidman, who was not a supporter of the teachings that controlled Cruise’s life and although the relationship lasted more than a decade, he was never out of the grip of the church.

“They had this wonderful anniversary then as far as I am concerned, he gets work done one on one and is told ‘You’ve got to get back into the fold, Nicole is stopping you,’ all this was manipulation,” explained Many.

“The level of manipulation is unbelievable, it is like the Truman Show,” she added.

Now having settled his third divorce on Monday, it seems that the 50-year-old’s relationship with the controversial religion will outlast any that he has with the women in his life.

Here’s the thing: I think that’s a really sad story about poor naive Tom Cruise being grossly manipulated by Scientology, but how do I know any of this is true? Sure, maybe they did help him with his learning disabilities while manipulating him into being their favorite puppet, but maybe not. Maybe Tom didn’t go into this whole thing with his eyes wide shut (LOL), maybe he knew exactly what he was getting into. Maybe he just wanted magic powers, or maybe he just wanted to be part of this super hip gang. I have no idea, because it seems like more and more of the major celebrity news outlets are taking Tom’s side, and of course Tom wants you to feel bad for him. He just got his crazy little heart broken, right?

I really don’t know what to believe anymore. Or, well, Tom Cruise is batshit crazy. That will always be a truth to cling to.

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  • Sorry? In a sad way that he thinks we are all wrong and he is completely 100% right all the time, dammit

  • Let’s play a bit of amateur psychologist here. Tommy boy apparently had an awful father, so finding some kind of supportive hands-on father figure like he found in David Whatshisname would have been the deadly bait for luring him in.

  • He is in too deep now with Scientology to ever make it back out. He should just marry it and save a future young starlet.

  • Never, but never underestimate the power of flattery. The richer Tom got, the closer to becoming some kind of astral king or something he became. They did a major job on him, drooling up his knee-caps and non-stop stroking his ego with medals for stopping the forces of…well, whatever. And everyone knows that A-listers have the most insatiable egos on the planet. His little brain is all mushed up by now.

  • I feel sorry for him, because even if he had wanted to leave the Scientology cult, he cannot. He’s really a prisoner. His 3rd wife saw it, and this is why she had to blindside him with a spontaneous divorce to save their child from becoming a prisoner too. Ms Holmes clearly realized how manipulated Mr Cruise was and there was nothing she could do to convince him to leave. However, like I mentioned, you can’t really leave Scientology. The cult will make it very hard for any individual to leave.