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Fatmire’s Follies: A Fantastic Frolic Through The Fanciful Fibs of Fraudulent Fatmire

A photo of Fatmire Sinanaj

Fatmire’s gone and done it again! This girl has some amazing game, if you think about it. Like, this is the kind of strategy I bet Kim Kardashian would have used if she wasn’t lucky enough to have Robert Kardashian for a father: find some remotely famous guy, talk to him, maybe sleep with him, and then call TMZ and tell them every single detail. Oh, and if you feel like interest in you may be slipping a little, be sure to fake a pregnancy.

Anyway, when I say that Fatmire’s done it again, I mean that she’s managed to get herself on the front page of TMZ several times in the past few days. Here’s a breakdown of what she’s been doing for attention:

– A few weeks ago, poor Fatmire got her feelings hurt when Kris Humphries denied that she was his lady. She called Kris multiple times, then she called his friends and left a voicemail in which she threatened to leak information about Kris, whatever that might be. Kris got a hold of the voicemail, sent it to his lawyers, and his lawyers sent it to the FBI, claiming that Fatmire was trying to extort him. Fatmire and her lawyer told TMZ that unless Kris said he was sorry, they were going to file a defamation suit. POOR FATMIRE.

– But then, just yesterday, Fatmire was all “just playin’!” and dropped the lawsuit because she wants Kris back. She even agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement. She’s not even getting paid! Girl’s got it bad!

– Meanwhile, Kris isn’t so sure that he’s the father of that baby.

– Then today we got the warm and fuzzy news that Kris very well could be that father because he isn’t too fond of condoms. Specifically, “if there wasn’t one handy, Kris had no problem going about his business.” Aww, Kris! Don’t be a turkey, wrap that jerkey! Gah!

– Finally, just a few minutes ago, Fatmire tweeted a photo with the caption “Loook No Babyy bump!” Here’s the photo:

A photo of Fatmire Sinanaj


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  • It means she’s a whore, fame or otherwise. She can go hang out with that Courtney Stoddard chick.

  • Hey, if that gargoyle Snooki can get knocked up then ANYTHING is possible. One thing for sure, she needs a name change from Fatmire to anything else…how about flat tire or cat liar or pork rind fryer? Hmmm, from the looks of her, I cast my own vote for #3 on my own list.

  • Bey bey school for public pregnancy and while working hidden career.. she HOborted the pillow..