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Tom Cruise’s New Movie Trailer for ‘Jack Reacher’, Because Why Not?

*Note: the trailer’s in Russian, so if you don’t speak it? Well. I guess you’re out of luck until something more palatable emerges.

In Tom Cruise‘s first international film, he portrays Jack Reacher (which is the film’s title, too).

From IMDB:

A homicide investigator digs deeper into a case involving a trained military sniper who shot five random victims. Based on a book in Lee Child’s crime series.

If you’re unfamiliar with the series (which I was, ’til I did a little digging), here’s my own personal summary of Tom’s character, Jack Reacher, after intensive reading. Ready, set, go!

Jack Reacher is a former member of the US military police, and comes with a long trail of military accolades. He’s a loner and doesn’t have many friends since leaving the force. Reacher is a man of few words, which probably lends itself to the fact that he doesn’t have many friends. He possesses uncanny ESP-like skills (oh my God, I can’t even) and thrives on caffeine. He’s a bomb-ass fighter who hates confrontation, but his ability to inflict pain upon others is enormous, all of which rendering him remorseless. He’s belligerent when it comes to the notion of Christianity and looks at it with distaste and disbelief. Jack Reacher is, in the series, a massive man at 6’5″ and uses his physical influence to thwart baddies at every turn.

Oh I could die. Tom Cruise probably killed people for this part. And the bit about Jack Reacher being a “giant” at 6’5″? What the hell were they thinking, casting one of Hollywood’s shortest actors in the role? Is Tom going to wear 12″ lifts in his shoes? Will this character be portrayed as a Spice Girl-Jack Reacher hybrid? Because LOL, right?

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  • Well done movie makers, ruin something I love. Tom Cruise would make the worst Reacher! Even Suri Cruise would probably do a better job!

  • AGREED. I really enjoy the Lee Child series, and Tom Cruise is one of the last actors I would EVER choose for that role. Ugh, now I’m sad.

  • What a terrible desecration of the Jack Reacher fictional image. Not only is Cruise a foot short, but he is completely different looking than the character in Lee Child’s novels. I think Cruise should take a break as I sick of seeing his face everywhere.

  • Way to go folks another movie flop for the Cruise Team way to stuff up a great book by casting mini Tom for the part of Jack …. God forbid don’t you read the characters profile before you cast the part… or did Tom thumb finance the movie….. unhappy fans of Reacher