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John Travolta is Not Gay, You Hear Me?

photo of john travolta pictures not gay photos
Because come on. No one would kiss their hot wife on the red carpet of some movie if they were gay, please.

Nor would they, you know, hang out on the red carpet with said hot wife looking like they’re posing for prom pictures from 1979:

photo of john travolta not gay pics
And never, never, never would a gay man allow his hot beard of a wife to caress his face in such a way so that people thought he might actually be straight. Come on. Real talk:

photo of john travolta not gay pics
Nope. Totally, totally not gay.

Check out some more totally not gay photos of John Travolta in the gallery, because you seriously need to see how non-gay John Travolta really is. The world needs to know. Gosh.

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  • Oh yeah, the photos have convinced me that he is not gay. All the rumors can cease now. LOL.

  • It is not the beard that concerns me, it’s the awful weave.

    He could be the father of Zachary Quinto’s Spock with that crap hairpiece.

  • Wow, that is one ugly haircut. Or hairpiece. Whichever – wow. Bad. Really bad. And it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with any upcoming movie role – it seems that it’s just his ‘style.’


  • Travolta is not only a gorgeous man (I saw him in person 3 days ago) but he is also a great actor and an humble and sweet man. Believe me, he does not look gay AT ALL!!!! His beauty is just….wow!!!

  • John Travolta is being exploited! 2 masuers, one in Atlanta, knew that the actor was going to make a movie in Georgia they know he might go on a promotional tour for the movie Savages, [with this most likely not it isn’t necessary really c’mon its Oliver Stone. Anything John Travolta says on televison or the press can be used against him public opinion could think an innocent man is guilty. Really not fair!