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Appropriate or Not: Will and Jada Let Willow Smith Get Her Tongue Pierced

photo of willow smith tongue piercing pictures
… And guys, if you don’t remember, I’m here to remind you—Willow Smith is eleven years old. Do you know what kind of hell and damnation I’d be under if I’d even *asked* my parents at the age of eleven to get my tongue pierced? What the hell does an eleven-year-old want with a tongue piercing anyway? I’m going to just use me as an example here for a second. Granted, my parents weren’t world-famous celebrities, and I wasn’t a budding young wannabe-celebrity myself back in 1994 when I was eleven years old, but you know what I was doing at eleven? I was crying over what Tonya Harding did to Nancy Kerrigan. I was watching OJ Simpson flee southern California in his white Bronco, wondering why he’d do such an awful, awful thing like kill his lovely wife. I was watching movies like ‘The Lion King’, ‘Forrest Gump’, and ‘The Santa Clause’, and I was playing outside like an eleven-year-old kid should, getting dirty and scraped and riding my bike and not worrying about things like my hair, my clothes, or MAKEUP.

But hey. I guess it’s OK when little kids that definitely don’t think they’re little kids feel the need to have someone stick a needle through a muscle in their head that helps you eat and talk. Plus, she’s got braces. I mean, come on. That’s a dental accident just waiting to happen right there, guys. It’s not like Willow’s this precarious young fourteen- or fifteen-year-old who’s probably gone out and done something naughty behind her parents’ backs and they’re not going to do much because it’s like, “Oh hey, our girl’s a few quick years away from eighteen anyhow,” because she’s E. LEV. EN. ELEVEN.

So! Appropriate or, you know, not?


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  • 1) I am assuming that neither Willow (nor her parents, perhaps) are familiar with the practical applications of a tongue ring.

    2) Honestly, while my first reaction was: “Whoah, way too young,” and I still do not think that I would allow one of my children to get a tongue piercing at such a young age, I realize that twelve is a pretty normal age to (healthily) begin becoming a sexual being. So while she probably won’t . . . put that piercing to use (ugh, this is so weird to talk about, but it would have been easy to discuss when *I* was in middle school) for another couple of years, it’s not the most troubling thing in the world. It’s certainly not Toddler Beauty Pageant troubling.

    3) Willow probably saw them and thought that it would be neat to have one, and talked her parents into giving her the okay. Good for her. It’s weird to me, but whatever.

  • How would she know about these piercings and how does this piece of metal in her mouth help her in her short youthful time of study and learn, nurture and maturing to wisely choose adult experiences and become soberly independent with true friends and companions?

  • Duh!! yall are stupid! Everyone knows it’s to suck Travolta’s cock. How else is he supposed to make up realize he isn’t gay?

  • Wow, growing up I wanted to get my belly button pierced and had to promise my mom I wouldn’t get a tattoo until I turned 21… did I mention this is when I was 17?!?! This is crazy. Any way it could be fake??

  • That pic looks pretty real, but it’s sooooo hard for me to believe anything that comes from MediaTakeout.

    but yeah, I try not to judge parents on how they treat their children bc it’s not my business, but 11 is too young for that. smh

  • Like 11-year-olds SHOULDN’T be allowed to enhance their ability to preform hot oral sex?!


    I’m not stereotyping anyone by specifying fellatio or cunnilingus. I’ll have you know I’m very socially sensitive about these things.

  • …who cares YOLO is wat they believe. I have my own daughter to raise correctly! That’s hard as is, considering my daughter is only 1yr old and dances and sings..her grandparents say she will be the next lil Beyonce …lol hahaa I tell her grandparents HELLLL NOOO SHE AINT! I would NEVER place my baby girl in this sick nd twisted industry. Lets just all make sure that OUR own kids are being well-raised .