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Dave Letterman Assaults Justin Bieber, Calls Him Stupid

OK, so that’s a little over the top, but it’s essentially true. And isn’t that what celebrity gossip is all about? Essential truths? Yes. That would be correct.

I don’t know if you guys caught Justin Bieber on last night’s ‘Letterman‘, but you have to know that if I’m writing anything at all about Justin Bieber, it’s got to be mockery-amusing in some sort of fashion, because God knows I don’t take the little twat as seriously as … well, as seriously as he does. And I’m apparently not the only one—David Letterman

And here’s a summary from TMZ:

Bieber was showing off his new arm tattoo on the “Late Show” … when Dave, acting like a cranky disapproving old man, reached over and grabbed the fresh ink, causing Justin to scream out in pain.

While Justin forced a smile, Dave continued to give the Canadian singer a hard time … and then advised Bieber, “Don’t go nuts [with the tattoos] … because more and more you see like the mural … like the Sistine Chapel, it’s too much.”

Bieber replied, “I’m not going for the Sixteenth Chapel.”

Letterman laughed … and quipped, “Canadian high school.”

Alright, so I could understand that maybe some Canadian residents would resent the remark about ‘Canadian high school’, because that’s just not a cool generalization to make. It’s not as if the high schools in America are so hot, in case you didn’t know. But ripping Justin Bieber on such a grand scale? Taking him down a notch or twelve for being such a self-involved little bitch? Well. I guess if I were David Letterman, I probably would have gone for the cheap shot, too.

Sixteenth Chapel. I don’t care if he is “only” eighteen years old, because LOL! What a silly little douche.

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  • Holy crap. Bieber is such a freaking baby! He looked like he was going to need his diapie changed.

  • He gets a tattoo for his new album, in 50 years who the hell will care and the tattoo will be old and ugly. He sings like a little girl and deserves to be mocked for his ignorance.

  • He’s so ridiculous.

    Also, by the time that I was 18, I had been to the Sistine Chapel. And I am not, say, insanely rich, either. If he needed to look up how to spell it, that would be one thing, but knowing the Sistine Chapel by name is, well, part of being a human. I have no idea how he could avoid knowing that.

    Plus, you know, he’s really wealthy. Has he not gone on a tour of Italy? Because WHY has he not gone on a tour of Italy? It’s beautiful.

    Also: “And isn’t that what celebrity gossip is all about? Essential truths? Yes. That would be correct.” — This was beautiful.