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Katy Perry Transforms into Her True Self in Her New Music Video

Oh gosh, you guys. This is excellent. Do you remember how Katy Perry used to be all cotton candy and whipped cream titties, and then that whole divorce thing happened and she started dressing very differently? You remember, the awful dark makeup and the scowling and all the black dresses? And we were all “LOL, Katy Perry is going through her dark phase,” like she was some 13-year-old girl who just discovered that the world is a cold, cruel place and no one understands her? It’s not a LOL anymore. That’s really what she’s been doing.

Just go to around the 0:30 mark. She takes off her pink wig, looks at her pink, glittery eyeshadow in the mirror, then BOOM, she’s wide awake! She got some Manic Panic from the Hot Topic and some lipstick from her trashy older sister’s caboodle, she piled on the eyeliner, and she got a f-cking cape, because now she’s wide awake. She’s hip to the real world. She’s not some stupid baby anymore, ok? She can go to the mall by herself!

Seriously, I did that whole routine when I was 13. The dyed hair, the makeup, the grumpy disposition. But Katy Perry is 27 years old. She has no excuse.

But hey, what do you think?

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  • i think that it’s awesome that Katy went thru heartbreak and divorce yet was able to make a powerful comeback with her music.. It’s better than having a meltdown or checking in to rehab. very inspiring and a huge example of girl power.

  • I think the “Now I’m super dark, guys, so take me seriously” message might have been better communicated without the auto-tune or D&D LARP get-up. But it’s nice to see that she’s really come into her own as a sorceress… or a mage… or whatever the hell she’s decided to be now.

    The incredibly sobering look she gives her reflection after she pulls off the pink wig definitely made me LOL. As a comedy piece, I give it a B.

  • I didn’t get through the whole video because she sucks, but what I did get from it is cheesy, and does she think that we think she was a victim, or innocent, in that marriage? She’s totally trying to bank on the “victim” angle. Lame. Lamer than whipped cream titties.