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Quotables: Sean Penn Kind of Thinks You’re Crap

photo of sean penn in haiti pictures

“It’s not only celebrities who went for a day. It’s the whole f#$*ing world. It’s all of you. The reason we have Haiti fatigue is because there was never a commitment in the first place. … [This country finally has a chance to reestablish itself and] you see the very tangible success story that Haiti can be.”

So! Sean Penn is talking about how we can better ourselves as human beings and, by virtue, better the world around us.

You know, I like Sean Penn. I admire him for his humanitarian efforts, and any fifty-one year-old man who can lure Scarlett Johansson into his bed is definitely a pretty solid dude in my book. Seriously, though, he’s so right. Whether it’s Haiti or post-Katrina New Orleans or the carnage in Japan after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami … why aren’t we better equipped to be helping these people in need? Why is it that we’re so self-involved—and I’m not even necessarily talking about the people who need their own financial rescue, or relief from personal disaster, I’m talking about celebrities who have the world at their feet, the money in their banks, and the ability to get up and f-cking help. Why is it such a hard thing to follow through with the efforts to begin with? How many celebrities and people of notoriety endorsed the Red Cross and helping disaster victims in the weeks following serious incidents as opposed to how many actually followed the effort through?

I don’t know about you guys, but Sean Penn—despite giving off the creepy-old-guy vibes sometimes—is still pretty high up in my book.

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  • hundreds of millions were pleged and donated but barely any has gotten to the country due to politics and mega charities like Red Cross holding it back for “future projects” oh and paying employees big bonuses for doing nothing. I love the Red Cross but it needs an enema.

    Sean should be going after the countries that are witholding money pledged. Not having a tantrum at Cannes.

  • Why don’t you start asking “why aren’t countries better equipped at helping themselves?” I donated money to the whole earthquake just like everyone else did, but when are we (America) going to stop being the police, rich uncle, and savior of every nation on the planet?

    The Hatian government should be asked why they haven’t done more to exhault their citizens station in life rather than the “what have you done for me lately?” to the rest of the world.

  • Maybe when Sean Penn stops embracing left-wing dictators like Castro and Chavez he will realize his politics prevent anyone with a real life existence from listening to his rants.

  • Don’t you think the headline should say ‘Sean Penn kind of thinks WE’RE crap’?