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Will Smith Slapped a Dude in the Face

Wow. Dude. Talk about an asshole move.

Will Smith slapped, or as some people are saying, “lightly tapped” a Ukrainian reporter in the face at a red carpet event for the Moscow premiere of Men in Black III. When asked about the incident, Will said “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him.” Will reportedly went about his business and remained cheerful despite the incident that apparently rubbed him so wrong that he felt it was necessary to slap the guy, but you can tell that the reporter was mortified beyond belief—it’s all apparent in the video.

I don’t know. I get it that unwanted kisses aren’t cool and what not, no matter who you are or what your intentions may be, but it’s really not cool that Will decided to give a backhand to this guy’s face even after he pushed him away. A little excessive if you ask me.


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  • You know, I never thought Will was gay despite what everyone claimed. But this just adds to the list of his over the top reactions to stuff that (in his mind) could be perceived as gay (like when he refused to do the kiss in six degrees of separation and be affectionate towards Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys). It’s like Tom Cruise who goes crazy when a magazine hints anything about him that could be perceived less masculine. Now I sort of do believe that he is gay.
    Also: Yes, I believe one doesn’t have to put up with out of the blue kisses from random people, but wasn’t it just a kiss on the cheek? Or maybe I don’t get the big deal, because here in Chile we greet everyone with a kiss on the cheek, hmm.

    • JUSTIFIED and not an overreaction. Watch the video. If a stranger hugged me aggressively and tired kissing me on the mouth I would push them away and punch them if not slap them in the face.

  • It’s customary in those parts for people to give greetings by kissing one another 2-3 times on the cheeks. Will Smith overreacted, big time.

  • If some random male reporter went up to a female celebrity with the intention of kissing her on the lips, would you have the same reaction?

  • I was reading somewhere that the reporter is an entertainment reporter who is known for being excessively touchy with celebs he interviews. I don’t blame Will Smith – the guy was going for the mouth, and I wouldn’t be down with a stranger doing that to me, even if the reporter meant it to be fun!

  • I think it was justified and every straight man knows that. And any women knows how she would feel and how she would react if a man or women tried to kiss her so he’s not an asshole he’s just a human being people. Now ppl r gonna say he’s homophobic after he supported gay marriage. Just cuz u agree with a persons life style doesn’t mean u have to be like them. No straight, real man would allows another man to kiss him on the lips. And that guys is lucky he didn’t get punched in the face.

    • Absolutely. There’s nothing “customary” about allowing a stranger to lean over a barricade to hug and try to kiss you. It’s a press line – not a meet-n-grope.

      • Actually you white trash american turdbasket…. there is something quite “customary” about this in that particular of the world. Read & inform yourself, prior to making idiotic proclamations.

      • Actually Chuck is right. There is nothing customary about being aggressively hugged by a complete stranger trying to kiss you on the mouth. Watch the video you ignorant turdbasket. Believe it or not there are some places in the world where a hello or handshake are the ‘costomary’ greeting not a European kiss on each cheek. Shocking I know but let that sink in a minute. Chuck didn’t make an idiotic proclamation of any kind in fact you just showed that you’re a dumb racist ahole.

    • He wouldn’t be lucky and he wouldn’t be slapped by me, I’d have kicked the crap out of him. Do they grab actresses boobs in that part of the world too as a hello?

  • Actually Elle, you obviously know nothing about the culture where the film premiere’s taking place, nor do you know much about the reporters’ intent yet here you be so fervently defending Will Smith as well as some idiot named Chuck, and claiming you know all there is to know about global customs. Who’s the fucking racist?

    Blame it on your pea brain.

  • Despite the fact that Will Smith ruined my childhood by getting his untalented son the starring role in the Karate Kid remake, he was still completly justified in doing this. It looked like the reporter was a Sacha Baren Cohen type that was trying to fuck with him to get a reaction. He pushed him away and gave him a little tap on the cheek. Hell, if he straight up punched him it would be completly justified too.

  • Will Smith did play a gay guy in some film degrees of separation film. Looks like he was embarrassed by some taller dude hugging and kissing on him. Hilarious. A flat punch in the face and saying nothing about it after would have been the best response.