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The One in Which Ke$ha Doesn’t Look Like a Hot Bag of Squashed Crap

photo of ke$ha at the bmi music awards pictures
Ke$ha was at the BMI Pop Awards last night, but that’s not the important part (the part about the BMI Pop Awards). The important part is that Ke$ha looks like … well, she looks like you’d expect any of these pop-singing twits to look. She looks like the antithesis of her normal rock and roll-type persona that she tries so, so hard to cultivate, and while some may start squawking “Sell out! Sell out!” all I can say to them is a great, big “hush!” Because when Ke$ha looks like this:

Instead of this:

There’s really no room to complain. Her music is the crapness, her personality is kind of weird, and she picks out ugly bathing suits. This is a massive improvement over what’s generally the norm for her, so I suggest we just sit back, enjoy, and revel in the time that we have until she looks like this:

again. Because really, it’s only a matter of time, guys.

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