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Quotables: Cameron Diaz Lamented the Loss of Her Hair

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“There was a little misunderstanding. I said, ‘Oh I just want a little bit off’ … and it went from here to here. … I just burst into tears and started crying, and I felt so vulnerable. For a woman to all of a sudden have no hair, oh my god. I felt really bad, she felt really bad, she started crying, I started crying, a couple of other people started crying.”

Wait. “For a woman to all of a sudden have no hair.” What’s that? No, really—what is that, and why is she including me in it? Wait, you mean she’s not? She’s only talking about herself and her own personal experience in being self-conscious about something that doesn’t really matter at all? Oh. OK. Because I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why she’d say “for a woman to all of a sudden have no hair, oh my god,” because I am a woman, and I, too, have had “bad” haircuts. I’ve had long, wavy hair down to my ass and I’ve had hair that was literally a half-inch long. I’ve pretty much run the gamut of hair lengths, and nothing about its length, condition, or color ever made me feel like less of a woman.

So, what, Cameron? Short hair isn’t as feminine as long blonde locks? There’s a length that women just shouldn’t go, because it’s not fitting? I’m not really sure I’m understanding what you’re saying, and I’m not all that comfortable completely chalking my cloudy fugue today solely to the half-bottle of NyQuil that I’ve ingested over the last twelve hours, nor am I being blinded by the massive pile of tissues that are dotted across my desk, threatening to close in on my notebook, looking like poisonous jelly fish floating around in barrel. No, it’s not just the massive head cold that’s got me a little foggy, it’s your unspoken reasoning behind the “stigma” of short hair on women.

Can you do a sister a solid and clear that up for me? Huh, girl?

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  • Is she kidding? Try having to go through treatment for cancer and *truly* losing your hair, Cameron. THEN you can shed some real tears, not wasted ones related to a bad hair cut. What a ditz.

  • My ten year-old daughter has androgenetic alopecia, she could potentially loose all of her hair, but she does NOT cry about it. Carmen needs to grow-up! For goodness sake, it was a hair cut, the hair will grow back!

  • I think it’s not *having* short hair that she’s generalizing about, but the fact that she “all of a sudden” had short hair. People with cancer or diseases are expecting the hair loss, people who go to the hairdresser and don’t ask them to lop off all their hair are *not* expecting it. I’d imagine that would be pretty shocking. And yes, it is just hair and it will grow back, but I imagine that for someone who is in the spotlight constantly and whose style is constantly being criticized, it is probably a bigger deal than for the rest of us. Now, I agree that she’s overacting a bit about it, but I don’t think she just insulted everyone with cancer and alopecia and…well, people who like wearing their hair short.

    • Seriously, they don’t get it. Her looks are about 90% of her livelihood, so obviously it is a big deal. I’d react the same way and I’m not an actress. It’s a personal thing and you don’t want anyone fucking it up.

  • You think basically brown face on Ashton Kutcher making fun of Indians is no big deal and everyone’s being sensitive but you’re on a box crying foul about an actress getting a hair cut that sucked for her? Ummmm…

  • I feel the same way about my eyebrows that cameron does her hair……..

    I threaten any new Aesthetician(sp) with their life that they better or not fuck up my eyebrows.

  • I’m not going to sit here and try to justify what Cameron (I still haven’t forgiven her for her entire career) said at all, but I do understand where she’s coming from. Almost two years ago, I was at the hairdresser and I told her I wanted my hair shorter, she took that as, “Let me take out the clippers and shave your entire head.” My hair has yet to grow back to the length it was and while some days, I feel very pretty and as if I’m able to pull off my hairstyle, there are certainly still days when I feel very unfeminine and very unattractive.

  • Is she that stupid that she doesn’t realize that it will grow back?
    It’s a haircut take a deep breath and then GET OVER IT!

  • really??? you think brown face on ashton kutcher is okay and then get all offended by cameron diaz because she didn’t like her haircut? really? wow

  • WOW. i have cancer & have NO hair. and this bitch thinks her haircut is bad? poor cameron diaz. life is just so rough for her.

  • what a drama queen-the inches will likely grow back(if she moisturizes her damn hair! it looks hella brittle!!) there is no point in weeping over it&who is doing her hair that they cried too? no…i’m pretty sure she was the only one

  • My hair has always been my safety blanket because it was my favourite feature. When it got damaged from processing and I had to cut it off and start over I bawled. I know other people have bigger problems and some prefer short hair, but I’m not gonna feel bad because I care about the length of my hair and I don’t think she should have to either.

  • She has had hair that short before (Charlie’s Angels, Something About Mary), I think she was just shocked it came off so quickly when she wasn’t expecting it. I don’t think she was saying anything negative AT ALL about women with short hair.

    Also, if the hairdresser really did cry, it was probably because she was freaking out that she f*cked over a celebrity and will the word get out…

  • While she was being more than a little over-dramatic, I understand the overall feelings. I remember as a kid getting my hair cut, and the woman did such a horrible job I cried all the way home. I was only 10 or 11, but to this day, getting my haircut by someone I don’t normally go to makes me incredibly nervous.

  • I’m with Cameron. I feel the same way even when my hair gets trimmed, and my best friend who had a few inches cut off her waist length hair cried about it for a week before getting extensions to bring the length back. Just because it’s sexist doesn’t mean its not a thing.

  • I’m pretty sure that she didn’t mean it in the way people are taking it. If I were to go in to a salon for a trim, and my stylist cut off six or seven inches of my hair, I would be distraught as well, especially since I’ve been having such a hard time growing out my hair as it is. It was a reaction to something she wasn’t expecting, which I’m pretty sure many people would react the same to something that was done to their body that they weren’t expecting. She didn’t say having short hair is unfeminine, she just said she didn’t want short hair, and she got it anyways. I think people are reading way too deep into this.

  • i’m gonna go out on a limb and say it has less to do with perceived femininity and more to do with the shock factor of going in for a ‘trim’ and coming out with really short hair. i have rocked the gamut of hair…but the one time i went in and told that b*tch i wanted a trim and she cut 12 inches off…. i bawled my eyes out. Hair is a bit of a safety blanket for A LOT of women. she isn’t being an a$$hole (this time). she went in for a trim and her safety blanket got cut off without her permission.

    note: i also did it going into college interviews. insecurity tripled lol.