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Anna Paquin: “Yep, Still Liking Women Over Here.”

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Have I mentioned lately how I kind of love Anna Paquin? Because I do, honestly, I do. Ever since she was in the most obscure, most random film in the world, Darkness (show of hands if you’ve seen it; it’s way creepy), I’ve been a huge fan, and YES I KNOW that she’s been in a whole crap-ton of other things that I should admire her for, and I do, but Darkness really made me listen up.

As you all know, Anna’s pregnant with her first child, and she recently sat down with Zooey magazine to discuss her bisexuality and her privacy.

Anna on maintaining mystery about herself:

I don’t know about that. There isn’t a lot of unchartered territory that hasn’t been covered or reported on or noted or observed. … [I’m private] not in some weird recluse way. I think it’s important to have things that are just for you and people that are closest to you. Some people share absolutely everything, but then what do you have left that’s yours? It diminishes what’s really special in your life.

And on “outing” herself for the Give a Damn PSA, and whether or not she regretted it:

Absolutely not. I think it’s a really minor biographical detail. If you’re going to talk about some cause in a way that’s meaningful, you should identify why it means something to you. … I’m sure for some people saying they’re bisexual feels less scary than making a statement that they’re gay. For me, it’s not really an issue because I’m someone who believes being bisexual is actually a thing. It’s not made up. It’s not a lack of decision. It’s not being greedy or numerous other ignorant things I’ve heard at this point. For a bisexual, it’s not about gender. That’s not the deciding factor for who they’re attracted to.

Now, a few of you guys posted that you were kind of indifferent on sweet Anna here, and that? Well I just don’t understand that noise. She’s cute, compelling, talented, not at all a cookie-cutter version of modern Hollywood actress, and she’s got a damn brain in her head that she frequently uses for the betterment of humanity. Really, what’s not to like? That she plays a television character by the name of Sookie Stackhouse? Because guys, I think some things can be gotten over if we really, really give it the team effort.


Image courtesy of Zooey Magazine