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Anna Paquin “Gives a Damn,” But Not About People Knowing She’s Bisexual

Huh.  Didn’t see that one coming.

Anna played a cameo appearance on the latest promo video for the Give a Damn campaign, which is trying to raise awareness for the equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered individuals. Give a Damn is sponsored by the True Colors Fund, which was created by Cyndi Lauper.

The above video features appearances by Cyndi herself, Anna Paquin, Whoopi Goldberg, Elton John and Clay Aiken, among other prominent celebrities who support the cause.

Check out their website here — it’s guaranteed to make you feel all happy and warm inside, unless you’re one of those horrible bigot-people and if you are, man, I don’t know what to tell you.  If you give a damn, prove it … go donate and put your money where your mouth is.

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  • All happy and warm inside?
    It made me cry! And not because I’m a bigot. I’M NOT. It made me cry because it’s so sad that not everyone in this world is accepted for who they are, and not everyone can marry the people they love. It’s so sad that even in 2010, people still don’t GET IT. They still don’t get that we are all people, and love is love, and it really shouldn’t matter who people choose to love. We all deserve respect.
    And this is coming from a straight person.
    A straight person who gives a damn.

  • I give a damn about grammar. Your punctuation needs to be inside the quotation marks.

    Thank you.

  • As Paris Hilton might say, “that’s hot!” Good cause, candid moment.
    Anna, I’m not here to judge, but I am here to film, if you’ll let me.

  • I’ve been watching the Apprentice lately and I’ve started to like all the contestants on there*, including Cindy. I never paid much attention to her before the Apprentice but she sees pretty cool and now, seeing this video, my opinion of her grew even more. It’s nice that she, myself and so many others give a damn.

    * excluding Blackmailing Mouth Diarrhea Weird Last Name Fluff Ball Hair Governor

  • I just wanted to say a big thank you for posting this article in such a positive way.

    I have seen this on two other gossip sites (both of which I will never visit again btw) and it was handled in an utterly tacky way.

    Thank you from a happy bi-sexual woman who also gives a damn!

    • Yeah. You’re right. How DARE people expect to be treated equally in America? Pshh! This is WAY too progressive! Let’s go back to the days of yore when women couldn’t vote and black people were sold as things.

      FUCK OFF.

      • Oh please! I love how these people are demanding equality and yet utter their shit about everyone else who isn’t gay. They are getting equality. They are treated like shit a lot and a lot of the time they treat non gays like shit. Sounds pretty equal to me.

        And it isn’t ” one hate crime every hour” like the ad says. If you take the latest hate crime statistic for Sexual Orientation and do the correct math it comes out to be less. Oh and Clay’s use of the word “many”, how fucking vague can someone get?

        Also more hate crimes are committed against people for their Race or Religion so get in girls! Bitchy wheel gets the grease I suppose.

        Elton’s comment recently “Jesus is gay”. How sensitive, understanding, and embracing was that suppose to be? Did he say it to make religious people “Give A Damn” about his queerness?

        Total “Fag Fail” on that one !

      • Who cares if it’s one hate crime every hour or every day?!
        IT STILL MEANS HATE CRIMES ARE GOING ON. As far as i’m concerned, if ONE person dies or is hurt due to who they are, whether it be race, religion, or sexual orientation, that is too many hate crimes.
        And in case you didn’t pay attention, Cyndi Lauper says she’s straight. So they aren’t hating on straight people. If you go to the website for the True Colors Fund, it explains that they are trying to come together with straight people to help fight this problem.
        Get over yourself.

      • You are making my point for me…..

        (I copied this response from below)

        The point is it just isn’t Gays yet that is all you fucking hear about.

        “unacceptable that some people cannot go or live in certain parts of the country without being at risk.”

        So send some black person to certain parts of Georgia and see if they ever make it out, or send a white person to certain parts of Illinois and see if their pale ass is ever makes it home. Religious people, disabled people, etc..etc..etc.

        But because I don’t focus all of my attention on the guy in my neighborhood that wants to wear dresses then I am an evil person.

      • Good Lord, I am NOT making your point. Go see my response to your copied and pasted response…where you originally wrote it below.

      • Simply because Elton John says something you don’t like doesn’t mean you can infringe upon his rights. Is it legal to walk down the street and kick your ass simply because you’re an intolerant ass? No.

        This message is about hate crimes against the GLBT community. Regardless of whether you’re “okay” with that or not, no person should feel worried about being hurt simply because of their sexual orientation. Nobody’s forcing you to be “okay” with homosexuality, they’re requesting that you don’t verbally or physically attack those who are homosexual. They aren’t going to force you to make out with a dude, so chill the fuck out.

        It’s not a huge request, to simply have the courtesy to NOT attack someone because of their sexuality. Why is this a problem for you?

      • Hate crimes aren’t just about someone getting their ass kicked. As you pointed out it it is also verbal. Attacking ones beliefs. Elton saying Jesus was gay isn’t attacking a Christians beliefs? Until he or anyone else can PROVE it, just shut the hell up.

        I do not hate gay people, contrary to what you may believe, but I’m sick and tired of people only pointing out or speaking up about gay people. When is the last time you saw an ad come out of Hollywood wanting to raise awareness about someone with a mental disability getting their ass kicked. Wasn’t it the Liberal crowd that wouldn’t stop making jokes about Sarah Palin’s newborn with Down Syndrome? I’m not going to listen to your bitching. If a gay person were getting beat up on the street I would go to their aid as quickly as I would anyone else. Everyone just acts like you have to walk around with a big “I SUPPORT GAYS” button on their chest to prove it. You don’t have to join some cause or protest or send someone a donation in order to gave a damn.

      • You called it a “bullshit issue.” It is not a bullshit issue. I’m sorry that others who are discriminated against aren’t better represented, but why knock awareness at ALL?

        Okay, Elton John attacked Christianity, does that mean we should completely disregard the fact that homosexuals ARE discriminated against? NO! If you want to denounce Elton John specifically, please, by all means, go right ahead.

        For the record, I think it’s bullshit, too, that there aren’t more causes out there with strong celebrity backing. However, there ARE celebs that DO support other causes.

        Sandra Bullock gave $1,000,000 to the American Red Cross following 9/11, Ellen Degeneres is involved with Artists Against Racism, etc. I could go on for a while.

        Simply because at this moment in time, support for the gay people out there seems to be the most vocal, doesn’t mean that that’s the ONLY cause around which people are rallying.

        Also, no one said you had to walk down the street a big fucking button on your shirt. Like I said, if you feel passionately about another issue, then by all means, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Don’t rag on other people who give a shit about gay rights. How is that helping anything??? We are aware that racism and discrimination against the mentally challenged exist! We fucking get it! But right now, we just so happen to be discussing gay rights. Give it a fucking rest! You aren’t changing any minds or enlightening anyone by spewing your bullshit on a predominantly liberal/pro-gay rights website.

        By the way, this is coming from a 100% Christian conservative.

      • The best thing you can do is ignore “Good Lord.” That would just about kill someone who so desperately wants attention…good or bad.

      • Absolutely true. I’m sure we have all heard the phrase, “don’t feed the trolls.” It just makes them bigger and, uh, trollier.

  • So anyone who watches this video and doesn’t feel all warm and happy on the inside is a horrible bigot-person? Wow! It’s nice to see that none of the authors on this site ever get too presumptuous. What about those of us who don’t really give a shit about anyone else’s sexual preference, famous or not famous, one way or the other? What about those of us who don’t feel like being bombarded by Hollywood and the mainstream media on a daily basis about how we must all accept and embrace everyone who is homosexual or bisexual or be subject to being labeled a “bigot-person”? Are we all homophobic hater people, too?

    • I mean, to an extent, yeah. Some people may not need to be bombarded with those messages, but it is pretty unacceptable that some people cannot go or live in certain parts of the country without being at risk. So some people DO need to hear these messages, and constantly.

      • The point is it just isn’t Gays yet that is all you fucking hear about.

        “unacceptable that some people cannot go or live in certain parts of the country without being at risk.”

        So send some black person to certain parts of Georgia and see if they ever make it out, or send a white person to certain parts of Illinois and see if their pale ass is ever makes it home. Religious people, disabled people, etc..etc..etc.

        But because I don’t focus all of my attention on the guy in my neighborhood that wants to wear dresses then I am an evil person.

        Go play dress up dude, you are fucking annoying me!

      • We’re not saying that racism isn’t bad. We’re not saying that racism doesn’t still exist.
        We are saying that homophobia is bad and still exists.
        There doesn’t have to be only one issue in the world at a time.
        If it were that way, it’d be so much easier to deal with these kinds of problems.
        But that’s not how it is. And we can’t put any group of people on the back burner for someone else. We’ve gotta fight every issue at once. This video just focuses on one issue, that isn’t as addressed as racism.

      • Why is this such a problem for you? If you really feel that strongly about religious persecution, racial discrimination, or the plight of the handicapped, start a damned website or charity for it. Quit bitching at those who happen to give a shit about the GLBT community, and do something YOU’RE passionate about. Why the intense dislike for these advertisements requesting tolerance???

      • The point (and I think it is your point, but you are just to stupid to know it) is that there should not have to be ads denouncing any kind of hatred. The goal isn’t who can start the most websites or produce the most videos or get the best stars to promote their cause. It’s funny how when people champion a cause that entails people coming together as one (brothers and sisters) the arguments/examples always seem to do nothing but highlight the differences and the discourse always seems to be tinged with hatred/ contempt.

        How fucking counter productive and counter intuitive is that?

      • You’re right, I’m too stupid to comprehend what you’re saying.

        Unfortunately, we DO have to have ads denouncing hate. That’s just the way things are. Personally, as a straight woman, I didn’t feel any contempt from this ad. Obviously you did. If that’s the case, take it up with the actual people who made the ad, instead of passive-aggressively taking out your frustrations on the readers of this blog.

    • Thank you for saying this.

      I have a friend (who is gay) who was thrilled when Ricky Martin came out. He was saying how great it was and how brave he was, and what a marvelous example he was for other gay people to own up to who they are and be who they are. The following day, he discovered that Ricky Martin performed at the inauguration ball for President George Bush. His attitude changed from fabulous, to “he should have stayed in the closet.”

      How’s that for tolerance?

    • In the two years I’ve been coming to this site, this is the first instance of this “auto play” shit. Go figure that it was done for a Give A Damn About Gays cause.

  • I am all for equality, equal rights and for no one to live in persecution – but what I don’t understand is why the only way to ‘give a damn’ is to donate money?

    It is incredibly rude and selfish of you to say that Sarah. There are people out there who can’t afford to EAT right now, and instead of promoting tolerance and acceptance, your article reads if they don’t donate they don’t give a damn.

    Congrats for putting yourself in the position of a biggot.

    • “There are people out there who can’t afford to EAT right now,”

      Are they gay? Can I make a semen donation?

      • Your dumb and thoughtless comment shows what you really think about lgbt people. No wonder you were saying those thoughtless things above.

    • It was totally, rude, presumptuous, and self righteous. Sarah, just shut the fuck up! Of all of your annoying rants, this has to be the worst. I can’t stand bitches who say, “well if you want to prove something, do XXX.” Are we in fucking elementary school again? Are you going to triple dog dare me? Any point she was trying to make was totally lost on her “challenge”. It completely took away from Anna P’s courageous announcement and made it all about Sarah’s bitchy in-your-face attitude.

      Ughhhhh. Sasha, PLEASE hire a new fucking writer soon. Get someone who is funny, witty, and doesn’t make me want to run away slicing my wrists. Sarah is good for your feminist site, I guess, but we don’t all want to be bombarded by femtards when we want our 20 minute EB escape. Only her husband and children should be forced to put up with her. Oh, and Sarah, can you please put a roll of duct tape where your mouth is??? I’ll keep my money, thanks.

      Damn, this is the first time in a loooong time I’ve been moved to post. Too bad it’s because I’m begging Sasha to up the likability and talent for her site. Hire a man, would you? You definitely need a male voice on this site to rejuvenate and reset your content. I can only take so many midol moments from your female staff.

      • No, the post wasn’t okay. I read about it on a news site before I came to this site. The news site gave an actual account of the video and provided information…which Sarah didn’t even really do. She took it as an opportunity to blast average people as bigots if they didn’t give money. Frankly, that shit is just as annoying as the pastors in church who stand on their pulpit and say shit like, “If you loooove Jesus, you need to reach deep down in your pockets and give money for Jeeeesuuuus. Jesus knows who you are and how much you give! Praise the Looord!” No thanks. I don’t prove my affinity by money. I prove my affinity by actions. Even Perez doesn’t guilt people into giving money. He has posts that are titled A Worthwhile Cause and he leaves the choice and PRESSURE to give up to the reader. Who would have thought Perez would have outclassed EB?

        In short, I think Anna is really courageous for stepping forward. I don’t think she did it for the press or any ulterior motives other than she wants to lend her voice and beliefs to a worthwhile cause. And, it pisses me off that Sarah took Anna’s good work and intentions and turned it into a bigot and give your money type of post. It does no justice to the work of Cyndi Lauper and company.

      • Hey Lisa,
        Could you give me 5 bucks?

        LOLOLOL Sorry I couldn’t resist
        Seriously tho, why you so angry? It doesn’t sound like Sarah’s post is what’s really making you explode…

      • don’t let sarah’s presence deter you from slicing your wrists. your psycho rant makes you look like you’re 3/4 of the way there as it is!

        as for midol, why don’t you go take about forty of them. you sound like you really, really need to.


  • I didn’t have time to read all the responses, but “Good Lord” is right on! I am sick and tired of all the whining and the stupid equality stickers. You are equal. Get over yourselves. Stop getting in everybody’s faces and pushing your agenda down their throats. This is the kind of crap that makes people cringe. Keep your business to yourself. I don’t care what goes on in your bedroom. I absolutely do not give a damn!

    • No they’re not equal. They’re still not allowed to get married and have the same privileges that straight people do. Where have you been living?!?

      If you’re tired of equality stickers then DO SOMETHING THE FUCK ABOUT IT. Write to you senator, vote for gay rights, stand up for a gay person if you see them being treated badly. They’re not fucking whiners you dim-whit, they’re just fighting for their rights. The more your fight for equality and get others to do it, the faster gay people will get equal rights and the less you’ll have to watch their “annoying, whining” commercials. Comprehende????

  • And not giving a damn is exactly the problem. You either vote to deny or you don’t vote at all, thus the shit continues. If you want everyone to keep it all in the bedroom then take ALL OF IT of the airwaves, out of the magazines, off the radio, etc. Ah, but that is hetero stuff, normal, okie-dokie, right?

    Good Lord, you give your homophobic self away with the semen comment. Disgusting.

    Sexuality is not about the SEX ACT; that is what keeps you people up at night, isn’t it? Can’t stand the idea of same sex having sex. Guess what? They don’t have sex 24/7…they teach, they act, they sing, they treat as physicians, they preach as ministers (NEWSFLASH: YEP! ), they litigate, they work next to you at McDonald’s, and the aeronautical firm, and the football offices, the supermarket. They.exist.everywhere. Just like you. Only they can’t be because you don’ See it. Learn about it. Share. No, they need to shut the fuck up and stay discriminated against and hidden.

    Fuck that.

    Preach on, Give a damners…Preach on!

    Must be nice to be the pure sexual identity, the chosen ones, the ones who get to live freely, with no constraints. Would that you could all wake up in that alternate universe and experience it all; just like you can’t choose to be a certain race, you don’t choose to be gay. Have some damned compassion and common sense, morons.

    Sheesh. No wonder it’s a fucking mess ’round here…

    • I was testing a theory and have come to a conclusion.

      The faster and harder I thrust a silicon likeness of the male genitalia up my ass while reading your argument the convincing forcefulness; inexorable truth and persuasiveness of your logic becomes painfully apparent.

      A particular method of reasoning or argumentation the gay community uses frequently I presume. I prefer the more traditional forms of study though when compared to your method of “cramming”.

      Good luck with any further research.

      • Wow. You seem like kind of an ass. I understand that you’re sick of seeing a bunch of commercials about this – I really do. I don’t like seeing ED ads every 20 fucking minutes because old dudes feel the need to get busy at the octogenarian age. I just change the channel. If you don’t like it, you don’t exactly have to watch it. I could really care less about someone’s sexuality; gay, straight, bi…I really don’t care. Needless to say, I didn’t even click on the advert. It sounds like you shouldn’t have either.

      • I’m just sick of the pissing and moaning.


        I don’t care how much a person bitches or how much money they spend, it will never change. You can never get everyone to get on board with your cause, beliefs, or whatever.

        Christians have been around for over 2,000 years and they are still hated/ridiculed by many. Gays have been around even longer and have suffered the same fate.

        Thousands of years = no change

        One fucking infomercial = Hahahahahah……dream on!

  • Oh, whatever. I’ve had enough liberal Kool-Aid. This time it’s PINK-flavored, but what’s the difference? It’s like any other nonsense leftist agenda. Leave it to the libs to use an obscenity in the campaign, yet if conservatives did that, they’d be persecuted for offending the children or some BS.

    I Don’t Give a Damn would be more appropriate…because why draw attention to your sexuality? Who cares? I don’t. I could not care less if you were straight, bi, tri, or aliensexual. What matters to me more than what you label yourself as is who you are on the inside. I’ve known very fine gay persons who don’t feel the need to parade their sexual preference for all to see.

    You don’t see hetero married couples flaunting that they enjoy engaging in heterosexual lovemaking on a semi-regular basis. They’d cannibalize a couple for doing that. Let the world know you play for the home team and it’s OK. This is just another case of liberal hypocrisy and how it’s sending our country into a nasty downward spiral.

    By the by, I’m the kind of person these campaigners would hate: I’m a white conservative male who is also a Republican and a Catholic. These, of course, are all swear words to them and if I tried to push my agendas, I’d be demonized.

    Whatever, I’ll just go listen to Bill Maher and Sean Penn tell me I’m awful and un-American and a disgrace and that I should die of some awful disease when I’d be shot down for saying the same about them.

    God bless America!

    • The entire advertising industry (which of course directs what we see and hear on billboards, television, radio, movies, magazines) is based on images of heterosexual sex. It is in our faces ALL THE TIME.

      Furthermore, any time people go on a date with someone of the opposite sex, hold hands with someone of the opposite sex (girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife), get married to someone of the opposite sex (yes, even in the Catholic Church), they are “flaunting” that they enjoy heterosexual sex.

      Giuliani gets married for the third time? Flaunting! Bill O’Reilly gets caught hitting on a woman he works with? Flaunting! John McCain kisses his wife? Flaunting! Sarah Palin makes a comment about the hotness of her husband? Flaunting!

      Do you have a problem with opposite sex couples holding hands in public, saying they love each other loudly enough for others to hear, getting married surrounded by their friends and families? If not, then I’d say you DO give a damn about peoples’ sexuality.

  • Ah, lovely straw man. I would say that “it’s okay to be gay” is flaunted now more than anything. For many, homosexuality is not normal, whether for religious, scientific, moral, or other reasons. You saying they need to STFU and have another activist agenda rammed down their throats?

    • Though I do not know anyone who believes that homosexuality is not normal, I do realize that those people are still out there. For the most part, I do not want to bother them. I would prefer to just ignore them until they fade away.

      Which is sad, of course — I might like to be friends with them, otherwise. But trying to cause adults to change is . . . often ineffective.

    • I was simply responding to this from you:

      “You don’t see hetero married couples flaunting that they enjoy engaging in heterosexual lovemaking on a semi-regular basis. ”

      There’s nothing “straw man” about my response. Your statement is a joke. You see hetero married couples flaunting this every day, including myself and my spouse when we hold hands in public, kiss each other when I drop him off at work, snuggle up against each other walking home after going out for dinner, tell our friends and family how happy we are together and how much we love each other.

      You have a problem with same-sex couples doing the exact same thing.

  • No, I have a problem with lefties trying to normalize aberrant sexuality. But who cares? I’m not going to get anything but a harsh response here.