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Love It or Leave It: What Kelly Clarkson Wore on the Set of her New Video

photo of kelly clarkson dark side video fashion pics
You know what I love? When a celebrity is notorious for poor fashion choices and then comes out of left field with something completely awesome and blows everyone’s minds.

That, however, is not what I’m talking about here with Kelly Clarkson. No, Kelly maybe found something in left field, but she’s still out there wandering, examining whatever it might be, and has forgotten her way back home, because this—whatever this is—is not good. Comparing it to other victims of Kelly’s closet (like high-rise pants and sequined dinner jackets), it’s not entirely bad, but it’s still not good. I like the mesh idea, and I’ll take odd, lizard-like green fabric over bedazzled boobs any old day, but wow.

But maybe we shouldn’t be complaining, because while some things in Hollywood change so fast, one thing remains steadfast and consistent with our girl Kelly—her generally bad clothing choices. THEY ARE ALL AWFUL.

I dig your new music, Kells, and you’re still just as cute as a button, but damn, girl. Damn. If I wanted to take a Rorschach test with my morning coffee, I would have called your therapist.

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