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Love It Or Leave It?


Kelly Clarkson appeared on Late Show with David Letterman last night wearing dark denim flare leg jeans, a floral tunic and horizontal stripe cardigan.  Thoughts?

Do we just love Clarkson for her “I don’t care” attitude or would it be nice to see her in some garment, any garment, with structure?

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  • She needs to hire a stylist. If she has one, that individual should be fired immediately. I’ve read she’s accepted her body and likes to lounge around naked at home. I’m glad she’s happy with herself but when making public appearances, it would be nice if she could Try to look remotely appropriate.

  • wow. the only thing she has on that doesn’t visually add pounds, subtract height, and increase width (including the always face-widening center part down her head) are the sunglasses. they are the right proportion for her face and are attractive. still, kelly looks more dignified and stylish here than rihanna or paris hilton ever did (or will) on a good day. YIkes.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. I am all for women having curves and being happy with themselves, but it’s almost like she TRIES to look bigger than she is.

  • I don’t think it’s too bad, except for the top ending in the worst possible spot across her thighs.

    And I hate those weird shawl-ish cardigans. This is not necessarily a comment on Kelly Clarkson’s appearance. I hate them on anyone and in every context.

  • Clashing patterns, jeans too long, shirt too long. It’s like a giant “F You” to fashion.

  • I think the outfit is awful but I love Kelly’s I don’t care attitude & I love that she looks like this, like a normal person. Because the people I know (and just see around) look a whole lot more like Kelly than any other celebrity.

  • She can mix floral and plaid in any freakin’ style she wants but for goodness sake, I wish she’d find something that fits properly.

  • I just don’t buy her “happy with myself” BS. She looks terrible ALL THE TIME. She’s got to know that.

  • Sorry, her JOB is to sing and LOOK HER BEST. She needs to hire a nutritionist and trainer and get her fat ass in shape. There’s no excuse other than laziness.

    • No I don’t think it is anywhere in her job description to LOOK HER BEST. She is a talented singer but it is your social expectation that she meet your standards. Does her “fat ass” somehow make her less talented?

  • She looks so much better in dresses. Cause she is pretty normal sized above her waist… and dresses hide the thighs.

    But she is maybe 5’2… and when she gains weight it obviously hits her ass and legs. So she looks wide in any pants. But to wear those awful wide leg… too long… pants on a short leg body just makes her look wider.

    Hint: For the shorter folks out there… hiding your feet with the wide pant legs DO NOT make you look taller.

    Kathy Griffin does this too with her pants and it looks bad on her too. So I can’t fault Kelly for doing it either. Obviously some crack head stylist has sold this belief to the short masses of women in LA.

  • Her outfit is a BIG “fashion no-no”. And honestly, it’s good that she’s comfortable with her body but it wouldn’t hurt to lose a few pounds…

  • Needs some tweeking ASAP. She sounded so good last night live, but it’s these silly outfits that get all the attention.

  • Don’t wear horizontal stripes! And an empire waist shirt would make those pants work better. And seriously…you can afford it…get a personal hair stylist and makeup artist…fine, you’re overweight..but, can’t you get your roots done?

  • If she wore more structured outfits that show her body has some shape she wouldn’t look as big. I garuntee she looks bigger than she actually is.

    She’s a CURVY woman- ie, she goes out, then in and then out again. In outfits like this she just looks like a blob.

  • Kelly Clarkson isn’t overweight. Yeah, I mean, for a celeb, she is. But if you were to see her in public, you wouldn’t think twice. Versus someone like Rihanna, who tries to mimic the style of Michael Jackson. I’m willing to bet that every woman that’s commenting on this doesn’t put any more effort into her daily look than Kelly Clarkson. I mean, do I think she could try a bit more being a celeb and all? Yeah. But I don’t think that she rolls out of bed either.

  • I actually really like this outfit. I think it might be a little better with a solid pink cardigan instead of a striped one, so the floral and striped prints don’t compete. But for wearing two prints at once, I actually think the two look fine.
    I really like her outfit. Great summery colors.
    However, I agree that some of her other outfits…okay many….have been baaaad.
    And I agree. I would like to see her wear something with structure.
    I’m curious as to how she’d look in a fitted dress a la Victoria Beckham. Obviously she wouldn’t look like a stick like Posh does, but it could still look good. Jennifer Hudson rocks it and she’s heavier like Kelly is these days.

  • except for the pants, the individual pieces aren’t too bad. But together, they’re just shapeless and baggy and horrible. Maybe that top with a structured, cropped, 3/4 jacket?

  • I like Kelly because she does what she wants to do. One thing she might want to improve upon is the wardrobe. Having some style for the “big girls” would help…you know like Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer doesn’t apologize for her weight, she just tries to do the best she can with what she has. Kelly, please get a stylist.

  • Kelly’s attitude is refreshing. All of this bling and overconsumption got us in our financial mess. You go girl – in whatever you want!

  • I love Kelly, her attitude, talent and being okay with who she is and what she looks like. However……if she is happy with her weight and size and intends to stay that way, she REALLY needs to get some help with her wardrobe. The clothes she is seen in are SO unflattering, they make her look bigger than she probably really is. So many other outfits she could go with that would enhance her look, not make her look like the chick singer down at Stanley’s Late Night Lounge over on the seedy side of town. Sorry Kells, don’t change yourself if you are happy- love ya mean it- but puh-leaze get a stylist? puh-leaze

  • If she just hemmed the pants and/or wore heels, and wore a more fitted shirt it’d be great. I love the colors of the cardigan on her.


  • I love it! I think she’s adorable, and a good singer. I love that she’s not wearing pubic-riding low cut jeans, and wielding WMD with pointy hipbones and machetes for elbows and cheekbones. She’s cute and her style is unique, I love it.

  • I don’t like the way she dresses, she’s too fat, she shouldn’t wear those kind of jeans… At all.. And she should give that blouse back to her grandma..

  • the blouse looks like my granny’s sofa, the sweater-shawl thing looks like something bea arthur would wear on the golden girls and her pants have eaten her feet.

  • It looks like she’s not yet learned how to dress for her new size, so she’s trying to cover everything up with baggy pieces that make her feel comfortably “hidden.”

  • She doesn’t know how to dress for her new body. She either looks like a chibi panda bear (i.e. in this picture) or she’s dressed in a bandana and cheap slacks. I’m all for “accepting a normal body” but for someone who has sold 19 million albums, you’d think she’d be able to afford a simple hem.