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The Government Fears Susan Sarandon

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Susan Sarandon was at a Q&A session this past weekend, when an audience member asked the Obligatory Question when it comes to anything concerning Susan Sarandon (read: anything that has anything to do with the government and conspiracy theories and protesting)—“Do you believe that you’re under surveillance by the government?” Susan answered, “We know we [are] under surveillance. I’ve had my phone tapped. I was denied a security clearance to go to the White House and I don’t know why. Do you know why?”

Michael Moore, who was with her and also answering questions, quipped, “I never think about it, [though I wouldn’t be surprised if] somebody, somewhere [had subjected me to surveillance]. As it should be.” Michael Moore continued by saying that he wouldn’t be surprised if the US’s Fox News also had a hand in all of the phone-tapping, too:

“I’m interested to see what happens with Fox News and phone hacking,” Moore said, referring to the News Corp. scandal that has resulted in a number of arrests and high-level resignations within the British section of Rupert Murdoch’s empire. “I really can’t believe it just happens in Great Britain. Because really, who cares about just hacking phones over there?

“I’ll make a prediction about something — I think the phone-hacking thing Murdoch is involved in … is going to be investigated, and it will be found that it’s been going on here too,” he said. “I just have a gut feeling.”

Later on in the interview, Susan revisited the “being under government surveillance thing” and talked about her personal FBI file:

“We know we are under surveillance. I’ve gotten my file twice under the Freedom of Information Act. I know my phone was tapped. If they’re not surveilling you then everyone else has cameras on their phones.”

Are you surprised that Susan Sarandon is so involved in talking about government operations? Because you shouldn’t be, especially not if you’ve been paying attention to anything she’s done in the last four decades off the screen. Don’t remember her talking about the Pope being a Nazi? Or that she was on the committee to promote Ralph Nader’s run for President back in 2000? She also spoke at the Occupy movement in New York City earlier in the year. Susan Sarandon is a “left-wing activist to be feared by the government,” and she doesn’t mess around, guys. Most importantly, she wants you to know that she knows. Oh yes, she knows.

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  • I’ll leave this one to Gust Avrakotos from Charlie Wilson’s War:

    “I like you just fine, Mrs. Herring, it’s just been my experience that when people with money and too much free time get involved in politics, pretty soon, I forget who it is I’m supposed to be shooting at.”

  • I like it, too, but in order to get any kind of surveillance, a law enforcement agency of any kind must show cause. It’s kind of like calling a grand jury investigation. You have to have evidence enough to warrant a trial. No, I’m no lawyer, but I do know these things. I’m a liberal like Susan Sarandon, but I file her in the “Barking Dogs” file with Ted Nugent and all the other celebrity big mouths who are completely harmless. Don’t waste my tax money investigating people like these 2. Go look for terrorists.