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Can Someone Take Amanda Bynes’ Keys?

A photo of Amanda Bynes

When Amanda Bynes drove away from that cop who was giving her a ticket, I rolled my eyes. When she got the DUI, I was like “ok, this girl is a train wreck.” When she was texting and driving and drove onto a curb, I thought that there was no possible way we could hear another story of Amanda Bynes being a horrible driver, at least not until May.

You guys. I was so wrong:

Amanda Bynes just can’t get a break behind the wheel.

Despite the scrutiny she’s faced since her DUI arrest on April 6 (not to mention another small driving mishap), the beleaguered starwent out on the town again in West Hollywood Sunday night, and attracted plenty of attention for her driving.

Around 10:30 p.m., Bynes, 26, was spotted “holding up traffic and doing an incredibly slow … 3-point turn in the middle of Robertson [Blvd.],” an eyewitness tells PEOPLE of the incident on the major thoroughfare.

“It was taking forever and she finally made it into the driveway,” the eyewitness adds. “She looked wobbly – I guess it could have been the heels since she was wearing sky-high nude pumps, but she did seem out of it.”

After neglecting to pay the valet (who had to chase her down for the $8 charge), Bynes, who looked quite thin according to the witness, and a male friend went into SUR restaurant and bar.

The actress also took part in last week’s Coachella activities. A source tells PEOPLE she showed up at Nylon‘s Voli vodka-sponsored Coachella party on Saturday.

Should I be laughing at this? Because I am. It’s too ridiculous. Just take out the fact that Amanda was probably some level of drunk and picture her doing that turn in the middle of the street. And she had to be chased down by a valet? Are we sure this is real life and not just an elaborate piece of performance art for an All That reboot?

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