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Watch This: Former Child Stars Hate Kirk Cameron, Too!

As I’m sure you remember, Kirk Cameron is not a fan of the gays. He basically thinks that they’re all going to ruin our society, and that they’ll be the end of our civilization. I think, and I don’t want to put words in Kirk’s mouth or anything, that he believes that if gay people are allowed to marry just like straight people, then dark clouds will permanently block the sun from the earth, and there will be earthquakes and floods and all sorts of natural disasters, and dragons that have lied dormant in caves for years will spring forth into the land and wreak havoc on us all. You know, something like that. Those selfish gay people, bringing back the dragons just so they can have equal rights. The nerve!

But a bunch of Kirk’s fellow former child stars disagree with Kirk’s totally valid viewpoints. Enough that they all got together and made a Funny or Die video to make a stand against him.

I’ll admit it, I did giggle a couple of times. But then I remembered that Kirk has such a tender soul: remember when he got so upset when not everyone agreed with his statements? He was sad that we couldn’t “debate these things with greater love and respect,” and wanted people to know and trust that his “life’s mission is to love all people.” I can’t even imagine what this video is doing to him right now. He must be beside himself.

Why can’t people just let this go? Shame on you, child stars! Kirk has never been anything but loving and kind while explaining why gay people are detrimental and destructive to society, and you have to go and make a video like this? For shame!

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  • Hey Kirk Cameron, the Dark Ages called and they want their… no wait, Kirk, nobody wants you. Ever. Please shut up and crawl under a rock. Your hands are red with the blood of every LGBT person who has committed suicide because bigots like you bullied them.

  • Add to that he’s a closeted gay too. He has always been so. ALWAYS. Just ask the crew of the series he was into while a teenager.