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Quotables: Guess Who’s a Raging Homophobe!

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“[Gay marriage is] detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization. … Marriage is almost as old as dirt, and it was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve. One man, one woman for life till death do you part.”

You know, there is one thing that you can do (OK, that’s a lie: there’s a bunch of things you can do, but this one just about tops the list) to make me instantaneously not like you, and that’s “be a gay-hating bigot.”

As far as I’m concerned, it’s guys like these who give Christianity a bad name, and I seriously mean that. I don’t care how you feel about that particular comment, because it’s my own, but you’d think that someone who’s got such an obviously strong opinion about others’ sexual preferences, of all things, might keep that kind of dumb ass business to themselves.

Anyway. Ugh. Are you ready to see the ass-hattery in live action? Here’s a video clip of Cameron, who appeared on Piers Morgan’s show this past weekend.

I don’t know. The biggest insult I can heap upon Kirk Cameron? “You’re the ugly, unwanted stepbrother of Neil Patrick Harris, fool.”

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  • So because he’s expressing his personal beliefs that makes him a homophobe? Im not sure what Christians you know but the bible states God’s view on homosexuality and what marriage is meant to be wether you believe or not. So why should he not be able to say what he is passionate about in a non hateful way like he clearly did? Should only gay people have the right to openly express what they are fighting for?

    • Because said in anger or not what he believes in is hateful and homophobic. Everyone is aloud to have personal beliefs, however, there is a name for his beliefs and that happens to be “homophobic”. Like it or not it’s the truth, if your beliefs align with his you are also homophobic. If it’s something you believe in so strongly embrace that label don’t make excuses or get defensive about it.

      • I doubt he has any kind of extreme aversion to gay people , or an irrational fear. To each their own I guess. If this came from someone who had no affiliation to a belief higher than themselves it would simply be seen as someone’s right to an opinion on homosexuality.

  • So, I’m a bisexual and feel very strongly that any two humans begins who love each other should be able to get married and live happily. I read this article and clicked play, already raging and ready to slaughter this guy in the comments section but the fact is, he wasn’t an asshole about how he felt. I don’t agree with what he said. Nothing he said made me question my convictions. However, I was impressed that he so clearly saw himself being baited, took a breath, and tried to express his opinion clearly and honestly without calling names. For years, the general opinion about disorders like Down syndrome was “it’s unnatural.” Then someone figured out, “Oh, hey, this is something in the genes, it’s just happens and it’s no ones fault.” Now, instead of being institutionalized, people with Down syndrome are supported and loved and make their place in society. There are even campaigns to stop use of the r-word. I think this guy has a lot of information that is based in ignorance and fear. The fact that he said, I’m a sinner too and tried to be respectful even when he was obviously uncomfortable… I don’t know. I hope he sees the light but I’d rather be up against him then someone who just blindly thrashes at what they don’t understand and calls names and protests at funerals and things. I feel like I could sit down and have a conversation with this guy and maybe we would eventually have to shake hands and say “agree to disagree” but I don’t see his actions adding to bullying or teen suicide like other people who fight gay marriage.

    • Yes exactly he is what puts a GOOD name to Christians. The ones that put a bad name put gay people down verbally in such a nasty way. THIS guy knows where he stands and THAT makes me respect him even more.

  • Sarah, I don’t want to be picky, but it’s not really a “preference.” I prefer Pepsi to Coca Cola but if I am really thirsty, I have no problem drinking a Coke. There is nothing that will make me have sex with a man.

  • Boys and girls, please.
    Last I checked, this was still a free country. He is entitled to and able to say what he thinks and believes.

    If you don’t want to allow him that freedom, then YOU are the hater.

  • He may be “entitled” to what he believes, but not everyone deserves a medal for having thoughts enter their brains. What he is saying inhibits rights of a group of people. Hitler had beliefs that inhibited the rights of certain people and if you defend Hitler or give him a pat on the back for having an idea, you’ll be socially condemned. Christians must understand that they are the only ones who believe that their little book is truth. Why is it true? “Oh, because it told me it was.” There are entire other cultures of people in the United States that don’t believe in the Bible and still have the ability to discern that what Christians are saying is hateful even if it is expressed in a jolly-good manner. Why would you believe in a system that continually lets you down anyways, and that you constantly have to make excuses for? Christians are so blind. It would be cute if you weren’t like blind raccoons with rabies.

    • p.s. Kirky has been this way ever since the first Left Behind book was published and he came out…as a christian.

  • Now, now, kiddies! Everybody place nice and Granny will tell you a story……Once upon a time, there was a 15 minutes of fame boy named “Kirk” (rhymes with “jerk”). Well, it was said that the sillly boy was such a raging addict that he almost died! Luckily for him and unluckily for us, he went to AA and he found a super-dooper, high-octane Higher Power which “saved” him! After drinking every single drop of the Kool-Aid, he went on his crusade for what he was told was Christianity, which it really wasn’t, and started to be in some really embarrassing movies and T.V. spots because nobody else would hire him. So, what have we learned, boys and girls? Too much Kool-Aid turns you into a horse’s ass? Well, yes but in the land of the free, we can say anything we want but it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the consequences afterwards….like people calling you “idiot” “homo-phobe” ” blind, rabid raccoon (love that!) and my favorite, of course, “ex-junkie, voodoo Christian, Kool-Aid slurpin’ horse’s ass!”

  • he’s very into his religion its only natural for him to express himself this way i for one wasnt expecting him to have a mind of his own he just follows stupid outdated blinding religion

  • I have no problem with people disagreeing with me in general or with them having a problem with homosexuality. I don’t even have a problem with them talking about their beliefs if they don’t do it in a hate-filled manner (and I don’t believe Kirk Cameron did.) The thing I have a problem with is that that faction of people don’t seem to be happy with just expressing their beliefs and hoping they convince people. The want to force everyone to behave the way they think people should behave. I would never try to turn Kirk Cameron into a gay man, why should he be able to try to force me to be straight?

  • I don’t agree with his views, but I do think he was very respectful in his opinion. It doesn’t make me hate Kirk Cameron, truthfully are any of us surprised by this statement? We all know he is super religious & this view point usually goes with that life style.

  • what would put you in the stockades a few decades ago is now considered hateful of others if they don’t agree with it. Get over yourselves, folks, and focus on becoming a part of America’s comeback in engineering and manufacturing rather than worrying about all this crap.

  • Born again Christians are the WORST! I prefer Christians who’ve grown up in the faith rather than these whackadoo’s who become “saved”. They tend to be far more tolerant and embody the true meaning and philosophy of Jesus. BAC’s are always so militant and “black and white” about everything.

  • I “love” the comments surrounding this article. How telling. I find that most liberals are the most loving, kind and inclusive people, who believe in every kind of liberty and freedom… including speech… that is, until it disagrees with their own. A man honestly, gently and forthrightly expresses his beliefs and is denegrated and pounded by a liberal pundit who sounds quite a bit as angry, unkind and repressive as that other left wing sensation, Josef Stalin. Hypocrites. You are not liberals – you are left wing bigots.

  • PS – Newsflash – just because someone disagrees with your opinion, this does not make them “phobic.” Nice name calling weapon there.