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Wow, Ali Lohan Looks Great

photo of ali lohan pictures photos pics skinny thin before and after photos
Woo, girl! You’s on fire! For real, if we took your arms and legs and snapped them in half, they’d make some bomb-ass …. kindling, anyway. It’d burn for about a minute (but no more), because I think you’d actually need some fat in a body to really use it as fuel, but hey. It’s a start.

Ali’s thin, OK? The end.

Now I’m going to make this post about Ali’s sister, Lindsay, because she’s a bigger crotch-gremlin and way more interesting to talk about. I mean, have you ever read an interview with Ali? It’s like watching f-cking paint dry.

So, Lindsay. She’s off probation, right? Good times are to be had by all? Heck yes. You want to know how Lindsay celebrated her newfound sobriety and freedom? By throwing a party at the Chateau Marmont for a zillion of her “closest” “friends”! Last week, it was reported that Lindsay threw a bash that included guests like Nicky Hilton, Brandon Davis, and Kimberly Stewart, many of her old party-cronies. Whee! But guys, don’t expect that behavior to continue. Lindsay’s serious about her career revival and sobriety. From People:

Now that her court-ordered formal probation period has ended Lindsay Lohan enjoyed a relaxed dinner at Café Habana in Malibu, Calif. The actress – who was warned during her recent hearing by Judge Stephanie Sautner, “Stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work” – is slated to appear in an episode of Glee, and she was in good spirits, a source says, as she dined with a female friend.

During her leisurely meal, Lohan kept a low profile and split a guacamole appetizer. For dinner, she had grilled shrimp and simply drank a soda.

What People didn’t say was that Lindsay‘s dining companion was sister Ali. Who she split the guacamole appetizer with and who also ordered filet mignon, fire-roasted peppers, and mashed potatoes, all of which were chewed up and spit out before they could accidentally be swallowed. To drink, Ali reportedly asked for a glass of lemon water, dusted lightly with Miralax.

Sister power!

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  • She looks like a man, and not in the gorgeous masculine female model with a chiseled jawline and high cheek bones way…just in an ugly, anorexic man way.

  • she’s a beautiful girl with high cheekbones and angular jaw line and legalease needs to take some look at pictures of her at the mac store today. she isn’t snotty and it really gets boring reading all the mindless insults on someone so decent like ali. just cause her sister and mother act like crap doesn’t make her crap too.

    • Oh, you must be referring to her man-made cheekbones and jaw line. She looks like a malnourished person who is suffering from an eating disorder. Nobody cares about pics of her at the MAC store. Here are candid shots and she looks like shit. Totes sry the internet is mean.

      • go back and look at pictures of her at 10 and 12 years old. she has always had those cheekbones besides the lies the media makes up. you can’t be more wrong. and the pictures at the MAC store were candids. Ali can take terrible pictures but also beautiful ones. she’s modeling and what you say has no bearing on her work. but to say she lacks the face for modeling because she doesn’t have the angular features, which is exactly what her agency points out she has, is just wrong.

      • Uh, I didn’t say she doesn’t have angular features, I said she has man made angular features. You have to be on some serious drugs to think she hasn’t has plastic surgery

  • cool. um this is really dumb Sarah. Take it easy on the jibes at skinny girls. You can’t tell by the just looking at someone that they have an eating disorder fyi.