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MTV Supplies Budget Dentures to its Jersey Shore Cast, Thought You Knew

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Oh, now. How hot is Deena looking, guys? Hot, right? Between the injections, the diet pills, and the chemical peels, I thought she had this “alluring” thing on lockdown, but with these fancy new teeth? Man. If hotness could be gauged and charted, well. Deena Nicole Cortese would be off the charts. Thing is, though, Deena claims that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery. Nope, she chalks her brand-new look up to eyebrow sculpting and eyeshadow. All about the eyes, folks. From Deena’s Twitter:

just to let ya know, I have not got any plastic surgery..yes in the past i have had a nose job..and i am not against plastic surgery at all..i have thought about getting it redone to round the tip but haven’t yet..and don’t know if I am..I am not afraid to ADMIT i got plastic surgery so if I do.. I’ll let u know.. I thinned my eyebrows..and lost weight thanks to the [shill diet].. and learned how to do my makeup..lighter eye shadow brings out my eyes..and highlight under my eyes gives an effect of higher cheek bones.. the end. If I get the nose job I’ll let ya know =]

Also, she claims that she got Lumineers, not to be confused with veneers, through which your teeth need to be shaved. Shaved. No, Lumineers are snap-on teeth, and what better, longer-lasting thing to have than actual teeth?


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    • Just look at the wrinkles around her eyes…ugh. Best tan-discouraging advertising if there has ever been one.

      • Agreed. I used to fake bake for years. I loved it! I think the dose of vitamin d has something to do with it. However, I had to give it up when I noticed a little sun spot on the side of my head. It freaked me out and realized if I keep going this way, I’m going to look like crap later on. Havent tanned in seven years and don’t mind the pale skin so much anymore.

      • Same with me. I used to do it in college religiously and even through first year of law school, and then it’s like what’s the point of buying nice face moisturizers and serums if I’m going to end up looking like a leather boot in a few years. I haven’t tanned in a long ass time, although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it.

  • Lumineers are not “snap on”. They’re veneers which are bonded to your teeth. The tooth surface is etched with a mild acid, then the veneers are bonded with a light cured bonding agent/cement.

    But hers look like shit. That’s all her doing, though. I guarantee you her dentist didnt’ suggest big white horse teeth. She wanted them. Very common with women to want the whitest most obvious veneers. Stupid. You don’t want obvious veneers.

  • You people are ridiculous judgmental assfucks. Guarantee you look like shit compared to her. Lookin good Deena!

  • Honestly why do people have to be so mean? It pisses me off you guys are honestly an embarrassment. I guess haters make you stronger, love ya D(: