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Breaking: Megan Fox is Pregnant

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From Radar Online:

The 25-year-old brunette beauty and her hubby of nearly two years, Brian Austin Green, are expecting their first child together and couldn’t be more excited. … “They just found out and are incredibly excited,” [said] a source close to the couple. … “It’s still early, so they are only telling close friends and family members. Megan has become a great stepmom, and Brian knows she’ll be wonderful with the baby. [She] has really grown in the past couple of years. Megan used to only be concerned with her career, but now family comes first.”

So Megan‘s going to be a mom, huh? Guess that dashes the fantasies of many a Michael Bay-loving teenager who obsess over Megan night and day.

The couple hasn’t announced anything officially, but it’s probably going to come out now sooner or later. I just hope they don’t wait until Megan’s six months along, sweating profusely, big as a prize-winning hog at a country fair, and eating her way across the United States via roadside BBQ stands.

Story developing!

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  • i really don’t think she will h=gain more than 30 lbs. she is not jessica simpson who is prego to eat the world

  • IF Megan is knocked up, she won’t wind up like a slop house like most women because she is the perfectionist type in the appearance department. Besides, just because you are pregnant does NOT mean you must balloon into a beast.

    No such thing as having to eat for two, that is a fallacy fat lazies like to use as their fat crutch license to gorge. You only need another 100-200 calories daily if currently in good health. Megan & Brian would be great parents I bet, they seem to be supportive of each other and have been together for years.

    • Yeah, about a 30 pound weight gain is acceptable in a totally healthy woman with a totally normal pregnancy. However, in someone like my mother who had severe bleeding with me and issues with my anticipated low birth weight and lung underdevelopment, she had to pack on the pounds, taking her small 5’2” frame from about 110 to 190 lbs. However, she dropped that weight so fast it’s not even funny (looking at pictures of her, you’d swear there was some voodoo magic going on from the time she was 9 months pregnant to the time I was a few months old). It’s really individual-dependent, and under the care of a good doctor/nurse/midwife/friends and family, many should be fine. I still have a bone to pick with J. Simps and her “I get to eat whatever I want because I’m pregnant!” attitude.

  • She probably is pregnant because she can’t keep her big mouth shut about people in the business she doesn’t like. No one will work with her now.