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Stars Without Makeup: Lady Gaga Should Really Do This More Often

A photo of Lady Gaga

Probably one of the most frustrating things about Lady Gaga is that she’s a really pretty woman with tons of talent who insists on covering it all up. All the platforms and the crazy hats and the shitty music just completely distract me from what she could be.

For example, take a gander at that picture up there. Gorgeous, right? Those eyebrows. I know that she’s probably wearing a touch of natural makeup, but this is probably as fresh faced as she’s ever going to get. Isn’t that so tragic? Of course I get that she loves what she’s doing and she’s into being flashy and ridiculous, but that doesn’t mean I can’t long for a simpler Gaga. That I can’t yearn for the universe where I can walk into a store and purchase the latest album from one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Stefani Germanotta. Because I do.

If this isn’t enough of a Lady Gaga update for you, since we’ve just entered a dark period where Lady Gaga is refusing to talk, let me share with you a few of her tweets from this past month, ok?

Listening to HAIR, singing into hairbrush. I think I forgot I’m a pop singer for 5 whole minutes + then remembered I GET TO TOUR THIS SHIZ!

Oh the irony of winning “Most Pretentious Album Ever” from none other than NME. *eyeroll* I might laugh forever + then return to narcissism

Last night I saw half of The Born This Way Ball stage completely built for rehearsal. I got the worst goosebumps, and i thought to myself I have prepared for this moment since I was six, leaving for the talent show while my mother asked me why I had to wear a crop top with my side pony tail, lippystick and little halter I replied “PUHHLEAZE mother I’ve been rehearsing FOR WEEKS.”

Love getting my ass kicked in rehearsal. Everything hurts and I love it. Broke every nail and tangled every hair this week. Bad to the Bone.

People ask me why I wear veils. I reply, I’m mourning. Mourning what? Well I figure something shitty must be going on somewhere.

See? She’ll never be too far away from us.

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  • Is Generation Y’s biggest trait: narcissism? Naw. Nope. Don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Completely agree. Yes, she has shitloads of talent, but in no way, shape or form would I ever describe her as pretty.

  • There’s nothing wrong with playing a character. One of the things I like about Lady Gaga is that she plays with her appearance and doesn’t care about being sexy or what others think. And that’s cool.

  • I think she is pretty yes, but that hair is so obviously wrecked from chemical damage that it looks like her lack of make up is just supposed to be her playing another character.

  • She’s CLEARLY wearing a wig. Let’s see her rock the Sinead O’Connor and show us what’s really going on under all those wigs…