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Quotables: Peter Facinelli’s Really Hurting, Y’All

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“Sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead – Adele.”

That up there is Peter Facinelli’s most recent Tweet, presumably aimed at or around his soon-to-be ex-wife, Jennie Garth. So there’s one of two things going on here: one, Peter actually didn’t cheat on Jennie, and she’s the one prodding for a divorce because he’s way too famous for her and all of these red carpet premieres are just so tiring and she’d much, much rather be a nobody and alone than to be superficially famous by association because of her Twilight-ed out husband. Or, of course, there’s option two, which is Peter’s actually a really shitty asshole who likes to pour salt in the wounds of those he’s left behind in his wake of fatal seduction and romance and he’s telling Jennie (quite flippantly, I might add) that, yes, sometimes love lasts, but sometimes it just doesn’t and that hurts, but it is what it is. Translation, Jennie? GET OVER IT.

There is a third option that’s sort of on the table, but it’s not nearly as intriguing as the first two, but I’ll lay it on you anyway, because it’s something after all, isn’t it? Third option would be that maybe Peter just likes the song. I know, it’s not the most scintillating of excuses to be Tweeting Adele lyrics, but it, like the second option, is what it is.

Call it – is Peter a secret asshole who’s gleefully reveling in being able to bone every vampire hunter in a ninety-mile radius, hurting over his split with Jennie and willing to vent it publicly, or does Peter just really, really love Adele?


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  • Does anyone else just think this guy is the world’s biggest douchebag? Maybe it’s because my first exposure to him was in Nurse Jackie? I just cannot stand him!!!

  • Well it looks like yes he is a douchebag. You can only tell he thinks he is hot shit. Hes not. Just the same old co star he has only been.
    Its all gone to his head. He couldnt stick with marriage counseling, had to walk away cause it showed his weekness and his being a boy.
    Grow up, dont use a women like you did. But jennie , your gain and his loss, you will always be a hottie.
    He will die out and then nothing.
    Good luck jen, you will meet mr right.