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Avril Lavigne’s Ex-Husband Has a New Girlfriend!

photo of deryck whibley and ari cooper pictures photos height difference pics
You know, for a second I thought that Deryck had some kind of Benjamin Button-like disease and these photos were actually taken awhile back with his Mummy, but then I realized that they couldn’t be all that old, considering Whibley still looks like a weird, shrunken little old man in a kid’s body. Guess this fine lady would be his new woman and not the lady that gave him life!

And isn’t she pretty, folks? Girlfriend’s name is Ari Cooper, and if you’re unfamiliar with her, you’re not alone. She’s a model out of LA, and that’s about all I know about her. But she’s not Avril Lavigne, and isn’t that a big step up! Yeah, they’ve allegedly been dating for awhile, but I came across these photos just today and knew that I had to run them as soon as I possibly could.

Want to look at another? OK!

photo of deryck whibley pictures ari cooper photos dating
Aren’t these two just darling? I wonder if my husband and I look as funny as these two do. We’re about the same height as Deryck and his girl, but the only difference is that I’m probably Deryck’s height and my husband is more like Ari’s height. You know. Not that it means anything or anything.

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  • deryck whibley just aint worth it I think that they look so sick together walkin down the street just holdin hands kissin in the pub eye getting caught by the parazzi just takin their ugly photos ari cooper is just a white trash dirty slutty skinny bitch aid hooker that is just dating a sorry selfish dead beat loser that aint a real man avril lavigne isn’t jealous she will find a real man that aint so Hollywood cuz she is just getting so damn fed up with people talkin shit she is leavin chad kroeger and never lookin back there aint gonna be no wedding cuz she is deletin all her facebook pages and youtube for good cuz haters are just really sayin some mean cruel things about her songs so this is the reaon why she is shuttin down her site and for those fake fans out there I just really hope that your happy for betrayin avril lavigne like this cuz now she is just giving her singing career up for good she is just walkin away for life cuz deryck had stabbed her in the back and miss treated her if nobody don’t like her songs then they can all just burn in hell

  • avril lavigne isn’t talkin about the true fans that care about her songs she is talkin about haters harssing her in these comments online well those haters aint gonna cyber bully her anymore cuz they aint allow to use this website now this site isn’t use to harss people if you say mean cruel things about her then all the comment sites will be deletd out and nobody wont be allow to write anymore commetns at all avril just loves all her fans they just really mean everything to her so much she is going out with some boy from back in the day it aint nobody in Hollywood that’s for damn sure