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This is Why Demi’s Been Bumming All This Time

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See this chick above? You know who that is. That’s Minka Kelly, the subject of many a male and female fantasy. Also, she dated Derek Jeter, and Lord knows he only dates grade-A ass (subject to final review). He also dated Cameron Diaz, didn’t he? That’s questionable right there. Review it.

As for the head line, the Demi in question is Demi Lovato, and sources are saying that Fez – AKA Wilmer Valderrama AKA Demi’s ex-boyfriend – is now hitting this. Well, that. As in Minka Kelly.

From the New York Daily News:

Minka Kelly is swapping ball players for the Hollywood variety. A source at Beacher’s Madhouse on Saturday night spotted Wilmer Valderamma exit the Hollywood club to escort Kelly and her friend inside. “He didn’t need to come outside and get her,” said the insider, who added that Kelly, who arrived at 12:45 a.m., could have gained access on her own accord, and that Valderamma had arrived earlier in the evening with Hayden Panettiere and a few others. Once insider Beacher’s, where Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus also spent the evening, the actor stayed by the side of Derek Jeter’s former squeeze for the entire night. The source adds, however, the pair were careful about appearing too affectionate inside the trendy club. A friend of Valderamma’s says the famous twosome “are getting to know each other” right now.

Oh. OH. Yeah, I don’t know about you guys, but some people might think it’s comparing apples to oranges – yes, good apples and good oranges, but apples and oranges nonetheless. Some people might even go as far as to say that there’s positively no competition when it comes to Minka Kelly being in the equation.

Who’d you rather, Demi or Minka?

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  • Is there, in any way a way in which you could write more sentence structure that is, this? Which is tortured beyond belief?

    Doubt it.

    • Internet Fucktard… your name is appropriate. Also your post is hypocritical. Your sentence structure in said post is non existent.


  • I hate that idiot ‘Fez” aka Wilmer V-whatever…… Demi deserves better! I can’t believe Mila Kunis dated that jerk!….and Ashley Simpson dated him…….

    He took 1 of his ex’s Virginitys then bragged about it…. I forget what one he took it from…… he also tould everyone that Ashley Simpson is a screamer in the bedroom……

    I hope Minka Kelly is useing him just 2 make Derek Jeter jellious…….. but after Minka screwing Wilmer, i don’t think anyone would want 2 touch minka after shes been having sex with Wilmer!

    I hated him on That 70’s Show (but i love the show, but hate Fez, very annoying and preverted and annoying!)…. then he did the MTV show “Yo Momma”

    Ill go out with you Demi, or Minka! Trust me I am a real man, unlike that annoying fruit!

  • Apparently, those who kiss n tell do not Respect Women!.

    But, then again, Women who respect themselves move on to gentlemen!.

  • Fez ain’t hitting anything of the female variety. Guy is as queer as a three dollar bill if I ever saw it.

  • What’s the fuss about minka kelly ??? Seriously, my girlfriend is equally as hot, if not hotter than minka. I’m dead serious. there are plenty of great looking girls out there

  • Oh Marie, you’re such an unoriginal internet troller: bright, bored and waiting to pounce on any poor fool who stumbles into your web. Yes, you’re special, picking on poor fucktards, using your acerbic wit and clever phrasing to shut everyone down. Why don’t you take that talent for piercing straight through the heart and write something substantial? It’s a much better use of time than picking on the poor sots in the comment section of Evil Beet. At minimum, I don’t know how your ego lets you get away with this type of pedantic endeavor.

  • Its FES not FEZ… FES is short for Foreign Exchange Student… Sheesh… Or maybe, its Foreigner Everyone Zaps? /shrug Either way… DAMN she’s hot!

  • I think Minka is just adorable! I wish we would see more of her.
    I don’t understand what Fez has! He is a jerk. And truly isn’t all that great looking. I hope Minka opens her eyes and sees Fez for what he really is….

  • Originally I would have to say Minka because Demi has mental problems but if Minka is interested in FES then you have to call her mental state into question.

  • What’s the big deal? Wouldn’t 95% of young actresses without pants and their legs in the air look just as good in an airbrushed photo?

  • I did a web search to make sure it was the guy I thought it was, and I have to say– he looked goofy on That 70’s Show, but now he’s a good-looking guy. Kind of like the Mario Lopez transformation. He hasn’t done anything huge since That 70’s Show, but he probably made some pretty serious bank on that show, and he does still work regularly, so if he’s smart with his money, he could have a decent amount of cash. I actually don’t begrudge him getting some prime ass.