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Viral Video: Here’s What Some Old Dudes Think of “Women’s Health”

Did you know that polycystic ovary syndrome is thought to affect as many as 10% of all women of reproductive age? It’s true! It is the most common endocrine disorder and the #1 reason many women have fertility issues.

If you have ever visited a doctor, his or her first line of defense—and he will prescribe this without actually testing you for cystic ovaries, just because it’s such a handy, efficient drug—is birth control pills. But what if you don’t have health insurance? Your pills might cost $75 every month! Maybe some months you buy birth control pills instead of toilet paper! Hilarious!

Oh, look, a video.

Among those playing the roles of the Middle-Aged Dudes who know all about women’s health are: Twin Peaks‘ Ray Wise! The dad from That 70s Show and Dead Poets Society! Parks and Recreations‘ Nick Offerman! (I’m not sure that Mr. Megan Mullally is quite “middle-aged,” but then again, I am old.) Plus, Tim Meadows, who is rocking some really radical 1960s NASA eyeglasses. Those glasses say “expert.”

And then there is Judd Nelson, who my friend Robyn briefly convinced me was dead. I was so upset, you guys. She was like, “Yeah! Years ago, I think!” and I was like, “Oh, my God, oh, my God, when was Suddenly Susan canceled anyway, oh, my God.” And then I was like, “Wait, are you thinking of David Strickland?” And now Robyn was very, “Um, I think I know who Judd Nelson is,” all indignant, and then I was mad with grief. I love you, Judd!

The video also features Corey Stoll, a stage actor about whom I am ten kinds of crazy. I almost didn’t recognize him without his Law & Order: Los Angeles mustache! YOU CAN PUT YOUR LAWS AND ORDERS ON MY BODY ANYTIME, COREY! Just kidding, you can’t, because I’m a feminist. (You are still nice to look at, however.)

This video is possibly NSFW thanks to a catalogue of euphemisms for ladyparts. However, the most disturbing of these “euphemisms”—uttered by none other than Ray Wise—is probably “tummy pockets.”

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  • I want to apologize to all the women coming of age in this current dumbass time. Apologize for the men in my generation who are doing everything possible to make women 2nd class citizens. I am old enough to remember my older sister’s generation march for women’s rights, access to The Pill, pro-choice, etc., all the things that my age group took for granted. I cannot believe that we are going backwards and are running the risk for women now may be forced back into the dark ages regarding birth control. If birth control were universal for all women of reproductive age, the number of abortions would decline. But there are those on the right who don’t see it that way. Sex is only for the married and if you do “it” prior to marriage and get knocked up, you deserve the punishment of being pregnant. I hope women stand up for their rights so it does not return to what it was like in the 60’s and earlier. As I read on a sign: KEEP YOUR CHURCH OUT OF MY STATE! Amen to that!