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Look, It’s Lady Gaga’s Very First Photo Shoot!

A photo of Lady Gaga

You guys! Look! It’s little baby Lady Gaga, way back when she was just some 19-year-old girl named Stefani who waited tables at a restaurant and liked to jam on the piano! How sweet!

The photo shoot was done by a photographer named Malgorzata Saniewska, who was, at one point, working as a bartender at a restaurant where Lady Gaga worked as a waitress. Lady Gaga, being the friendly lady she is, gave Malgorzata a CD of her first single, and Malgorzata decided that little Stefani would be a great candidate for a photo shoot. So Gaga took her back to her parents’ place, put on her face and did her hair, then started posing on the family piano.

Malgorzata took about 200 photos, but she kept them to herself. That is, she kept them to herself until she happened to run into Lady Gaga back in 2010. The superstar (who, uh, looked a lot different) approached the photographer, and told her that she was responsible for her very first photo shoot ever. From that conversation, Malgorzata decided that Lady Gaga would be cool with her sharing the photos, and here we are today!

What do you guys think about these pictures? I don’t think they’re quite unrecognizable, but they’re pretty close. For real, how much better does Lady Gaga look with her dark hair and almost fresh face? It’s unbelievable, right? Admittedly, I’m not really one to talk about keeping it natural (over the weekend, I, uh, dyed my hair. Pink. I bleached it and dyed it pink. It’s been a weird couple of weeks), but with Lady Gaga, it’s just stunning, it really is. I’ll take natural Lady Gaga over crazy shoes, crazy face Lady Gaga any day of the week. Anyone else?

Really, all this photo shoot does is make me long for a Lady Gaga who doesn’t wear much makeup, has regular old hair and regular old shoes, and just plays piano and sings her songs. That would be a beautiful, beautiful world, one that I would absolutely love to live in. Here’s a glimpse of it:

Well, there’s still the giant bow made of hair on top of her head, but hey, I’d still be so thankful to get this over all that other nonsense she makes me listen to all the time.

Images courtesy of CNN

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