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Seal Finally Removed His Wedding Ring and Really, Really Wants Us to Notice

Photo: Seal with bright yellow nail polish and no wedding ring on Wednesday

Does anyone else have a weird feeling about Seal? Like, maybe he’s using the media to communicate to his estranged wife, Heidi Klum? The man hasn’t been able to shut up ever since the erstwhile lovebirds publicly announced their separation—Heidi, meanwhile, has remained elegantly mum.

But what’s this! Seal was spotted in an airport in Sydney yesterday. And he has FINALLY REMOVED HIS WEDDING RING.

And that isn’t all! Check out that ridiculous yellow manicure! It’s almost as if Seal really really really wants Heidi to notice he isn’t wearing his wedding ring right now. (Also, sexy nail polish, bro.)

I read somewhere that Seal really dashed his chances for reconciliation ever since he went on that ridiculous media tour/bender. I can’t cite my source, here, but it’s a pretty good bet anyway.

In the meantime, Heidi Klum is still wearing her wedding band.

Verdict: Seal is a big baby. He is the hugest baby. Ugh.

(Image via INF Daily.)