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Love It or Leave It: Rihanna Does Something With Her Hair That I’m OK With

photo of rihanna hot blonde wig pictures photos pics
Alright, so maybe not necessarily that photo there, but how about this one; it’s a much, much better picture:

photo of rihanna pictures blonde wig photos pictures basketball games pic
Right? Girlfriend looks kind of classy here, if it weren’t for the accompanying photos that depicted her with her ass cheeks hanging out of cutoff denim shorts. And it’s loads, loads better than the weird dried-up red color that she’s had recently, that reminds me of … well, no, never mind. You don’t want to know what it reminds me of, because it’s gross. Let’s just leave it at “Rihanna looks way better with this hair than she did with that other hair.”

But wait! Before you go and get all excited and throw a party because Rihanna is straying from her ‘Thug Life’, wait: she wasn’t trying to jazz her look up by trying to improve upon it, she was going for the “stripper” look. Yes, Rihanna claims that her hair (though she loves it!) makes her look like a stripper (along with those boots of hers):

photo of rihanna twitter pics
Cute, right? “Stripperish.” Just what the doctor ordered.

So what do you guys think about Rihanna’s new hair? Classy? Trashy? Don’t care as long as she’s showing those sweet ass cheeks of hers?

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  • Judging from the last few pictures I saw of her she’s THAT close to a 2007-Britney… everything about her cries for help and a break an a shrink and a hot chocolate and… some sane people around her.

    But maybe that’s just me…