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Stars Without Makeup: Nicole Scherzinger Takes the Obligatory After-Shower TwitPic

photo of twitter nicole scherzinger pictures nudes twitpics photos no makeup photo
The caption?:

“Uhh…Does anyone know how to work this twisty towel thing? Haha!”

Right. Cute. Please don’t get me started on how silly and pretentious it is to pretend there’s a definitive need to take post-shower photos and publish them to social media networks, because it just screams, “I CRAVE ATTENTION”, and when your show has ended for the season and it’s only been off-air for, like, three weeks, it’s really kind of obvious that you’re desperate to stay on people’s minds ’til the show comes back next season. If it’s even renewed, good God.

No, I don’t want to talk about it, because my lazy ass still hasn’t made coffee yet today, and trying to wrap my head around the intentions of C-listers pre-caffeine is just way too much for me to consider just yet.

What I do want to talk about, however, is how you guys feel about X-Factor‘s Nicole Scherzinger’s no-makeup look. You guys had an awful lot to say about her bodacious, curvaceous ass, and now I want to know if the full package is where it’s at. This is Nicole with her customary face-full of sludge:

photo of nicole scherzinger with makeup pics photos pics
And you saw the above photo, where it’s apparent that Nicole’s not got a speck of paste on her face. Personally? I think she looks LOADS better without makeup. Like, she looks so good without makeup in comparison to what she looks like with makeup that maybe she’d be best-advised to never wear makeup again. Really.

Thoughts on Nicole (aside from the whole intended purpose of the picture)?


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  • The problem here is that that make up is so fucking excessive and does her no favours. If make up’s goal is to enhance beauty, it sure isn’t enhancing hers. I’m glad to see, however, that even though she has been hailed as one of the sexiest women on Earth, she is as normal looking as any of us.

  • I think she looks good with make up and GREAT with out it. She is seriously beautiful. Can not tell you how much I wish this was the shower at my house :)

  • Well Sarah – just seems to me like you are a bitter & jealous individual – she has taken this picture probably due to jealous individuals like yourself slagging her off for her makeup and saying she’s probably terrible looking underneath, but it turns out she’s actually very beautiful under all the makeup & she has great skin – have seen your little picture too and can’t help noticing your aunt sally type red cheeks(if you don’t know who aunt sally is- google: worzel gummidge aunt sally), would love to see you with no makeup to see if your skin looks as good as hers with ‘no sludge’ as you put it. Maybe look at yourself before attacking other people eh??

      • This moron commented on a seven month old post, I’m guessing this mental Pygmy doesn’t realize too much of anything….

      • @ Chaz: You do realize, that you equally just commented on a seventh month old post… dumbass. And I have to say that the only one that seems to be mental here is you, since clearly you can be so rude and angry over someone else’s opinion! LOL

        @ Sarah: If I looked like you, then I would be jealous too. Considering how nicole doesn’t need makeup and still looks better then you. I pity you, you’re not only ugly on the outside but also in the inside.

  • Sarah. You are beautiful and I completely agree with your comments. These so called singers and muscians actually have no real talent nor beauty. Do they write their own songs? Can they sing without music? True beauties need no makeup! I really hate what are they so called celebrities today. And yes she looks exactly the same as most other asian girls.