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I Know You’ve Been Dying to Know What Adrien Brody’s Been Up To

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Well, in short, this:

Oh I am so in love. “Your Daily Gosling”? EFF Your Daily Gosling. In my mind, every day is Your Daily Brody. And it’s been awhile since we covered what my love’s been up to, because I know not a lot of you understand the complexities of my compelling attraction to this man and his face and his body and his voice and his complexities, but today I felt like being SELFISH and writing an ENTIRE POST about Adrien Brody.

‘Why?’, some of you might wonder. And I’m here to tell you why. It’s because he is just so hot and wonderful and is deserving of attention (just, you know, not *too* much attention, because then it’s going to turn into another “I’m-not-going-mainstream-Ryan-Gosling” thing, and I don’t think I could really handle that all that well), and frankly, because that guy up there is the hotness.

But, right. Detachment. A film about Brody as a substitute teacher a la Dangerous Minds, just without all of the overt angst and Coolio. It’s broody. Brody-broody. And I love it and will probably see it just because he’s the star. That’s what he’s been up to lately, FYI.

Actually, that and hanging out with people like … um, Lil Wayne. And no, I don’t really get that either. I know that Adrien’s got this urban …

… vibe that he likes to chill out with sometimes, and he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to being friends with questionable people like Lil Wayne (though I’d totally have to draw the line if he started rubbing elbows with someone like Kanye West or Paris Hilton or someone), but this I just don’t get. Isn’t Wayne supposed to be this big douchebag? I just can’t see Adrien affiliating with anyone that’s, you know, a DOUCHEBAG. But whatever. To each his own, I suppose.

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Oh wait! Here’s Adrien reciting Biggie’s Ten Crack Commandments for whatever reason. I guess that explains (or contributes to) the rapper fascination, I don’t know.

Uh, charming. LOLZ. Come on Adrien. Just, like, Google yourself or something. Go digging and see the veritable collage of Adrien Brody posts that I’ve written about you, each one professing my love and attraction to you. Even if you go ahead and, I don’t know, get a restraining order or something from all the crazy, I’ll be satisfied in a deep place within my soul to even know that you thought about me once – just once! – in response to all of the times that I’ve “thought” about you. And you probably don’t want to know what I mean when I say “thought,” dude, I’m telling you. It’s graphic.

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  • He really is wonderful in “Detachment”. I’m looking forward to “High Schhol” as I think his performance will be funny and over the top.