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Quotables: Kanye Has Been Thinking About His Funeral

A photo of Kanye West

“I was just thinking about my funeral and stuff a couple days ago and thinking who would be at the funeral. People who I want to be in the funeral. I wanna have world leaders that were, like, affected, that said, you know, ‘Kanye gave me my shot here.’ Or ‘he pushed me,’ or ‘he told me to believe in myself,’ or ‘when I saw this, it made me feel like that.’ I wanna affect people like that when I, like, pass away.”

Kanye West the greatest orator of our generation, discusses the grandiose plans he’s been making for his funeral.

And here’s a bonus quote: “It’s like I’m on a pursuit of awesomeness. Excellence is the bare minimum.”

Is there a company whose sole purpose is to put this genius‘ words on merchandise? Because I would kill to have a coffee mug that read “I’m on a pursuit of awesomeness.” Or a hoodie that says “one day the light will shine through and one day people will understand everything I ever did.” When I get married, my wedding band will be engraved with the words “super dope counterpart,” and when I have babies, I want then to have cloth diapers that read “they try to take my shit out of context.” Now who can I talk to about this business idea?

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