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Good Lord, Jenni Farley’s Boobs Took Over Maxim

photo of jenni farley cover of maxim hot boobs fake tits pics
This is what Jenni – AKA Jersey Shore‘s J Woww – had to say about her recent shoot with Maxim:

“I cried when I found out. I was jumping up and down and totally bugging out. This is probably my highest accomplishment.”

Hehe, right? Whatever. She is mildly hot. She is. She’s sort of attractive in that dirty, fake, swear-word-saying-in-public-places kind of way, and you’d never actually take her home to mom (or to your friends … or even your acquaintances), but UGH. This photo shoot does girlfriend positively no justice. I mean, her tits are all over the place, and I’m sure that’s what’s really important and not that the lighting makes her face look like something out of Michael Jackson’s House of Wax, but it’s really, really obvious that the photo editors didn’t even take notice that she was making faces in most of the photos like she had a pulmonary embolism.

But alright. I get it. You think she’s hot. She’s definitely seedy. She’d bend over an ashy pool table for you. That’s pretty super. … Just don’t let your friends see, dude. You’d never live it down.

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  • She has bolt-on breasteses and a face that looks like it was hacked from a brick of Lava soap with a french chef’s knife. (The irony here is that she looks like she’s never seen a bar of soap.)

    I get the impression she’d smell like stale beer, cigarette smoke, and sweat.

    Besides, her damned name is “JWoww”. If there is a reason for me to run her ass down, that’d be a good enough one.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, no, I do not find her attractive.

  • Oh, wow! A built-in flotation device! I wonder if there are valves so she can blow them up or let out some air if necessary. She just screams “WHORE!”

  • When I clicked on her pic I was expecting to see something immpressive. Except when I pulled it up I was shocked and disheartened by the photo… very fake and unattractive… Couldn’t these reality shows do better.. They always pic stupid, drunk cheap whores that really degrade the classer woman!!! Makes me want to throw up!!!

  • She does look like Joey from around the corner dressed in Drag..regular Jersey trash,, I dont know what it is about most East Coast peepes they look cheap & sound cheap,, they all have that Drag Queen look to them,, like Travolts with a wig on,,especially right around the mouth,, they look like men,, then add the years of fake bake and you have a super dupper worn out hand bag for a face on top of manly features…ah,, i’d still hit ,,probably in the backdoor so I could treat her like the lowdown trash she is and have her clean up the mess orally,, you know a littl azz to mouth?? I am sure she is used to it

  • She is very pretty, ya’ll just wish you looked like her. You go JWOWW. Haters will hate you keep on keepin on lookin good, you know you look good.

  • Leigh must be a fan of Drag queens.. Nothing wrong with that, just an obvious fact..hmm

  • Sure he,,i mean she looks good,, I wonder how she keeps the 5 O’clock shadow from peeking out….She is a man,,come on look at the area around the mouth,, Straight up Iltalian mobster looking Male.. no hating going on here just facts,,

  • I look at the photoshoot a bit differently. It’s the job of the photographer, make artist, lighting techician and post-shoot editor and touch-up. NONE of these people knew or even bothered to perform their respective jobs. From the ill-fitting costumes (hence, the breast disfigurement), to the glare that washed out her face and even her legs, to the odd faces that she was making when the photog took snappped the shutter (without a bit of coaching for this inexperienced-in-the-world-of-glamour-modeling), the entire shoot was an example of inept technical staff and an inexperienced model. Heck, there was absolutely NO airbrushing for her shoot when at any other time the pics fairly drip with airbrush ink. I don’t know but, I think that this was a hack job on Maxim’s part just to shame her and put in the least favorable light. You could do the same to ANY clebrity who you wanted to embarass. It seems to me that the shame is on the magazine!

  • I’d like to make a comment on my previous post. What a lame post in terms of sentence construction, grammer and I suspect, spelling. That said, the opinion stands.