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Praise the Lord, Ashlee Simpson Can Stop Flat-Ironing Her Hair Now

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Remember awhile back I wrote a Katy Perry post about her new GHD Hair gig and how – ugh – no one flat irons their hair anymore? Well, a lot of you guys had some strong opinions about taming the shrews atop your heads, and I felt proper told when all of the readers claim that they have coarse, unmanageable hair much like myself, but they actually do something about it. My opinion was, hey, they must work outside of the home and care what they look like in public (not like, you know, me, who works from home and often grocery shops sporting bedhead).

Well some friends at Misikko sent me an email, asking me if I’d be interested in trying out the HANA Air hairdryer. I was skeptical, since it was a damn hairdryer and not a follicle transplant, but said OK. I mean, who’d I be to turn down trying out something new? Well, needless to say, when it arrived, I was surprised to find that I was the proud owner of the best hair dryer OF ALL TIME. No joke. I’ve gotten stuff from other companies to try out, and I was – in a lot of cases – like, “Ugh, really? You’re trying to push this stuff on the general public and you need lab mice to tell you that it sucks?” but this was – happily – not the case.

I’d originally specified in the Katy Perry post that I suffered unruly hair that wasn’t quite curly – yet wasn’t quite wavy – and damned if it’d actually do something regular like hang normal, but after using this hair dryer (and only this hair dryer – no special serums or lotions) I was amazed to see that my hair looked frizz-free, shiny, and healthy. I’d used salon hair dryers before, but none of them – none of them could touch this product. Now, all I have to do is dry my hair and I can leave the house looking like a normal human being with good hygiene habits. Amazing, right?

You guys can stalk Misikko on their Facebook and Twitter if you’d like – you’ll see that I’m not the only one completely raving about their products.

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